Louche Sustain

Nearly 30 years ago I designed a 100% organic collection that had a lot of press but sadly didn’t sell. How times have changed! Finally, we are standing up and taking our planets life seriously. Welcome to Louche Sustain: our totally sustainable range using only certified fabrics.

Organic linen. Linen is not an ancient cloth for nothing. Linen needs literally no water to grow. Besides being a strong, light, cool fibre, organic linen emits 1/4 of the carbon as cotton per pound of carbon. Organic cotton. Not produced using extremely harmful pesticides and chemicals normally associated with cotton production. We know it still uses water but it helps sustain the land due to crop rotation.

Tencel. Manufactured from Eucalyptus trees which grow fast on very poor soil and don’t require any irrigation. Add to this a yield five times as much as cotton. Even when processing the pulp, the water usage is 80% less than cotton.

Lenzing Viscose. Produced from natural wood that grows without irrigation and procured only from certified sustainable sources. Lenzing has 80 years of viscose manufacturing experience and uses special processes that minimise water waste and emissions.In addition, the co product generated in fibre production, Sodium Sulphate, is recovered and used as a valuable chemical in the detergent, glass and food industries.

You can also be reassured that at the end of their life cycle, which we hope won’t be any time soon, will decompose back to their original components of CO2 and water; preparing the ground for new plants to grow as they are fully biodegradable.

Finally, what we haven’t told you is the touch. All these fabrics have the most wonderful hand feel. No horsehair shirts here! So, whilst you are helping to save the planet you can indulge yourself too.

Maureen O’Brien
Louche Creative director