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Fill your home with the sweet and welcoming fragrances from our homeware and home accessories collection from JOY. With a wide range of pretty candles and floral diffusers, create a calm and tranquil ambiance in your home and enjoy the floral notes of our popular Tuscan Garden candle. The delicate leafy scent combines the beautiful scent of geranium, the citrus burst of lemon, ginger and violet to create a welcoming and sweet fragrance. Our Landon Tyler candles will burn for approximately 40 hours, so you’ll have several days to enjoy our Tuscan Garden candle.

Or if you prefer a fruitier scent in your room, our Wild Berries Landon Tyler candle pairs cranberries, raspberries, wild rose, tea and sandalwood together to form a delicious burst of English fruit and flowers. Our fruity candles and diffusers are ideal as a gift for mum, grandma or a loved one. For those winter months, why not choose our Winter Woods diffuser for a classic Christmas tree scent featuring pine, fur, spruce, moss and cardamom to give a festive fragrance in the home.

Or for a more refined smell, our Jasmine reed diffuser will release a light and floral scent in your home every so often, meaning your living room, bedroom or kitchen will always smell fresh and you’ll always be ready to welcome in an unexpected guest. Shop online our full range of candles and reed diffusers.

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    Our collection of candles and reed diffusers are perfect as gifts or to add a gorgeous fragrance to your home. Choose from our large pineapple wax candle for an exotic twist to our sophisticated Mason jar candles, perfect for adding the finishing touches to a bedroom. Choose a scented candle, reed diffuser or oil burner to fill each room with delicate scents. Perfect as birthday presents, wedding gifts and unexpected treats, choose from our wide range of scented candles, novel home accessories and reed diffusers. Shop online our full collection of homeware and accessories now.