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#WorldNutellaDay Recipe with Iamchefblog

What happens when you put a team of Nutella obsessed employees from JOY HQ with a food blogger on #WorldNutellaDay? Read on to see...


With the help of the incredibly talented Iamchefblog, together we challenged our favourite recipe from our best-selling Nutella Recipe Book and boy, did the outcome not disappoint! When provided with the 30 best recipes to chose from, initially Iamchefblog was particularly fond of the “Nutella Milkshake” and the “Nutella Cigars“; conceptualising himself as a 'chocolatey Don Draper'. However, the Nutella Truffles top trumped the rest and in his words 'the recipe is seamless'. The only alteration he made was adding salt to the caramel (but we aren't complaining!)




"With only a handful of ingredients, you can go from Nutella-neglection, to Nutella-nirvana in 25 minutes"

Key ingredients:

- 30g caster sugar

- 15g whole hazelnuts

- 50g plain chocolate

- 150g of Nutella

- 2 tablespoons of single cream

- 30g of chopped, toasted Hazelnuts



Don't hesitate, celebrate #WorldNutellaDay now with your very own Nutella Recipe book - £8.99 from JOY. Make sure you follow Iamchefblog to follow his recipe to make these!


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