The Ultimate Self - Care Routine

Whether you play, work or do both a little too hard, the possibility of a dreaded ‘burnout’ is always imminent. Keep stress at bay with our list of self-care practices to keep your body and mind happy, healthy and full of JOY!

Cooking A Great Meal

If you’ve been neglecting your grains and greens for mountains of toast or the whole biscuit aisle, keep your insides happy by cooking up a healthy meal that contains plenty of goodness. A few biscuits with a hot drink can do wonders, but your body needs good fuel to feel good.

Turn Off That Phone!

While we can’t deny we love a good ‘gram, it goes without saying that sometimes social media can get us down. By turning your phone off for even half an hour, we can refocus our thoughts and have an easier time deciphering our feelings. Why not use the time to read a chapter of a great book, a magazine you love, or write down your thoughts? These all allow you to clear the fog that may have accumulated in your brain, resulting in much happier thoughts.

Get Zen

Whether it’s a long bath steeped in bath oils, a shower sound-tracked by your favourite songs, or a night of your favourite TV, fragrant candles and a face mask, get pampering for a quick self-care fix.

Spring Clean

Changing your bedding may feel like the most dreaded task possible right now, but once you get into those crisp, clean sheets, you’ll automatically feel so much better. The same goes for that mountain of washing that’s piling up; it takes a matter of minutes to pop in the machine and once your conscience is clearer, your mind will be too. A tidy home will always mean a tidy head. Clear out the clutter both physically and mentally, whether it’s a quick rearrange of your bedroom or a full-blown entire house clean.