Podcasts We're Loving

Ever felt like your life is so full of ‘stuff’ that you can’t think clearly? The Minimalists are here to help! Josh and Ryan tell us about their lives as ‘Minimalists’ and their journey from corporate consumerists to how they now live a meaningful life, with less. They cover every aspect of Minimalism with a broadminded attitude, from people, to diet to clothing to travel. They engage in thoughtful discussions and offer pithy answers to listener questions, proving that Minimalism can benefit us all.

If you haven’t heard of Emma Gannon by now, then where have you been? She’s written her own books, runs her own blog and guested on radio shows and to top it all off, she has her own podcast. She’s a busy gal. Emma interviews people she admires, including writer Dawn O’Porter, life coach Lucy Sheridan and YouTube sensation Zoella, focusing conversation around social media and the internet, as well as careers and life advice. Her down to earth approach means she connects easily with people, making each episode an easy and interesting listen.

Are you a fierce feminist? Then let us introduce you to Lady Lovin’, the podcast promoting female empowerment. Jilly, Greta and Lo are women who aren’t afraid to dig deep and discuss topics and answer those questions that we are all dying to ask, but might be too shy to talk about. Health, business, sex – you name it and they will be happy to help. They aim to educate and inspire listeners to love themselves for who they are and if that isn’t something to celebrate, then we don’t know what is.

Beauty Junkies unite! Join Jill and Carlene, long time beauty editors, as they chat about products, brands and all things in between and share how their own careers came to fruition. Their mid-month #theglowdown series has them interviewing industry experts, discussing new products and catching up on all the latest beauty gossip. This is a must for makeup lovers and product obsessives.

Fascinated with true crime but scared to share your morbid curiosity? Then Karen and Georgia are the ladies you need in your life. MFM has become a podcast sensation, showing that perhaps we are all a little more fascinated with death than we care to admit… but this is a crime podcast with a twist- it’s hilarious! Each episode they share crime stories from way back when, to recent times, as well as gifting the audience with their favourite listener ‘Home Town Murders’. The hosts are two bad ass women who say what they think and are not afraid to share TMI. Even more reason to listen!

The Sporkful is hosted by Dan Pashman, an author and speaker on the subject of food. His approach is an unpretentious, thoughtful and sometimes comedic look at the why, who, how, when and where of all things food. His subjects are broad, ranging from a man who collects pizza boxes, to a couple who discuss how food has affected their 62 year relationship. If you are someone who loves to eat then this one’s for you!

If you love fashion as much as we do, then check out the Pop Fashion podcast. Hosted by Lisa Rowan, a former vintage shop owner, turned financial extraordinaire and Kaarin Vembar a retail writer, they discuss all aspects of (you’ve guessed it), fashion! If you are looking for a career in this field or already have your foot in the door, then this will give you an insight into the industry and offer great advice from those who have been there and done it.