Come Rain or Shine: Your Guide to Transitional Styling

It’s that time of year again when the weather can’t make up its mind. One minute it’s all sunshine and rainbows and the next the heavens have opened and you’re left looking like a drowned rat. Follow our fool proof guide to transitional styling and master the unpredictable British weather. Keep your body warm and your style effortlessly cool with these simple tips n tricks.


Pockets are a must in our book but especially during the Summer to Autumn transitional period. Keep your hands warm while you’re waiting for the bus or store your sunglasses in them just in case the sun decides to shine. Pockets add a laidback touch to otherwise quite formal dresses and skirts which is both practical and cool af.


SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is a very real thing people. We have been spoilt by the sun for months and it definitely has an effect on our moods when the days get shorter. Brighten up the darker days with injections of bright colour and fun prints. A rainbow coloured waterproof is guaranteed to lift your mood 10 x better than a basic black one – trust us.


We’ve all done it. We’ve all woken up late, got dressed in a panic and then massively regretted our outfit choice once we’re melting on the tube. The key to avoid turning up to work a sweaty mess is nailing thin layers. Yes, a jumper seems simpler but with weather as unpredictable as ours it’s good to have more options than a chunky knit. Our suggestion for a typical September day is a midi dress with a thin cardigan and a casual overcoat over the top. This way, you can tailor your body temperature whatever the weather!


Summer may be over but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your warm weather wardrobe just yet. Get the most out of that maxi dress you bought solely for your summer holiday this season by pairing it with a chunky knit and cowboy boots. If you’re after something more grunge you can’t go wrong with an oversized jumper and maxi skirt combo for Autumn. Mixing casual and formal pieces together will always and forever be a look.


If you hate wearing loads of layers then opt for thicker fabrics so you can keep your outfits simple yet insulating at the same time. Choose a pair of thick cord trousers over, say, a cotton midi dress. Pair a mini skirt with thick tights and a long sleeve turtleneck top to keep toasty and stylish without all the extra bulk. For more formal occasions velvet is your bff because it’s oh so cosy and screams Autumn.