Buyer's Picks

It’s well known that fashion buyers are the most stylish people in the fashion industry and our womenswear buyer, Holly, is no different. A buyer’s job is literally to be ahead of the fashion game and know what we will be wearing months before we do. They know every upcoming trend, colour palette and pattern we will all be obsessing over in seasons to come. If you’re ever in a style rut, look to a buyer for new outfit inspiration! We definitely get all our style tips n tricks from Holly here at Joy! Find out why she is obsessed with these staple items for Autumn and get ready to buy a whole new wardrobe.

Louche Loe Midi Dress

“Who says florals are just for Spring/Summer? I love wearing them all year round. Dark florals especially are essential for the colder months. They have a vampy, edgy vibe about them and look amazing with a chunky black boot. The Loe is my go to this season for fall florals because of its square neckline and exaggerated sleeves. Autumn is the perfect season to add subtle drama into your outfits.”

Louche Nara Suedette Coat

“I am obsessed with our new Nara suedette coats. At the moment I’m wearing my khaki one with everything but I’m sure I’ll get hooked on the Nara in tan soon enough. They are just so easy to throw over any outfit without worrying about overheating or freezing to death. Every woman needs a Nara in their lives especially during the transitional months when the weather can’t make up its mind!”

Louche Theana Ochre Stripe Midi Dress

“The Theana is just such a statement piece. I can’t get over how little effort it takes to look good in this dress. I love having items like this in my wardrobe because they make getting dressed ridiculously easy and offer guaranteed style in every wear. I’ve worn mine with gold earrings and my beloved Dr Martens boots to toughen the dress up and make it suitable for every day.”

Louche Toni Tiered Skirt

“Stop what you’re doing and go buy this skirt. Seriously, it is a must. I haven’t been able to stop wearing it ever since I got my hands on it. It is the perfect mix of ditsy prints and autumnal hues with a tiered hem that is still so on trend. I keep styling simple sticking to black and white top options to let the Toni pop. A black turtleneck and my trusty Docs go perfectly.”

 Photography: George Ntoumas