Behind The Blog: Q&A with @clareydareyy

1.    When does your alarm go off?
7:30am (luckily I live right next to my office, so no crazy early morning starts!) 

2.    What is your job?
Senior Research Executive for a Market Research agency
3.    Go to breakfast?
Smoothie made using my Nutribullet: Bananas, frozen summer berries, spinach, nuts, maca, cocoa and wheatgrass powder topped off with almond milk is my go to blend! 
4.    Typical day?
A typical day involves checking my emails as soon as I get into the office and then getting on with the days tasks! These are incredibly varied but can range from writing research materials, to interviewing doctors and patients, to attending client meetings and writing up reports. I’m also lucky enough to travel frequently with work to oversee interviews taking place in other countries - so will be travelling to Spain and the US in a couple of weeks!
5.    What outfit do you wear to feel your most confident?
I like a crop top and high waisted black jean combo. It’s laid back and can be dressed up easily. I’m also very tall at 6”2 but love to own my height - so I feel my most confident when I’m rocking my lace up, heeled biker boots.
6.    Thoughts on following trends?
I think following trends is important to some extent. But everyone also needs to remember to follow their own style and identity, and not blend in with the rest of the crowd! 
7.    Describe your personal style.
My style is very varied and I often flip flop between all black, slightly grungy outfits to bursts of colour and lots of floral! But what keeps everything quite consistent is that I tend to go for more bohemian looks.
8.    Favourite Joy piece.
The Safa Vintage Floral Dress! The print on it is beautiful, the cut-out back detail is gorgeous and and I can’t wait to wear it more now that the warm weather is approaching!
9.    Do you prefer summer or winter for style?
I think I prefer winter more as a season (I love cosy evening in my pyjamas) but love summer more for the outfits I’m able to wear. There’s nothing better than walking around in the sunshine in a big floaty dress! 
10.  What brings you Joy?
Weekends spent with my friends, an afternoon free to sit and read a book and going for a walk around somewhere I’ve never been before!
11.  How do you treat yourself?
 I normally treat myself to food! I really love hunting out new restaurants in London and my fiancé and I will often celebrate our successes over a nice dinner.
12.  Favourite thing to do in where you live?
One of favourite things to do in Wandsworth is to play mini golf at Wandsworth Park. I’ve always loved mini golf since I was very young and it’s made me super competitive!
13.  If you could give everyone one piece of advice what would it be?
Don’t sweat the small stuff. If you’re getting stressed or anxious about something, take a step back from the situation and try to look at it from another perspective. Will the world end if you don’t get your task completed by 5:30PM? No. Can it probably wait till tomorrow? Yes, probably. And always ask for help if you’re struggling - no matter what the issue is.
14.  What piece of clothing do you feel incomplete without?
I feel incomplete without my red Converses - they’re my go-to casual footwear and I normally wear them at work, but can easily pair them with most of my outfits.
15.  Have you got any holidays coming up? And what item of clothing screams ‘summer holiday’ to you?
I have! But not until November, my fiancé and I are heading to New York for his 30th birthday. I’m not sure if a beachy holiday is on the cards yet this summer, but I love an embroidered beach dress and a pretty pair of sandals for an ultimate ‘summer holiday’ look.
16.  What book would you recommend most to others?  
I love reading but my favourite genre is horror which typically isn’t everyone’s cup of tea!

A huge thank you to Clare for taking part in our blogger takeover! Check back next week for another instalment of 'Behind The Blog'.

love, Joy x