1. JOY SS15 Press Day

    The JOY PR team recently held our SS15 Press Day at the House of St Barnabus in Soho, London. We showcased our eclectic collection of JOY & Happiness gifts (which are available online now!) and exclusive previews of the new Spring Summer 2015 collections from brands Louche and HYMN.

    We can't give too much away, but a picture says a thousand words... so here's an exclusive look!

    gifts joy the store

    For Spring Summer 2015, Louche

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  2. Love Lamie Blogs For JOY!

      We spent some time with blogger / instagrammer Laura Stewart of Love Lamie and asked her about how she got started, what inspires her and what she loves about Louche! Check out her interview below and how she styled her favourite pieces from Louche AW14. Talk us through your blog. How did you start? I started Love Lamie more as a creative outlet. I take a lot of photos, so I wanted a nice place to share everything, my travels and stuff. The "fashion" part of my site is just a place where I feel like people can get to know me more, image wise.
    Can you give us the name of three style icons? I don't think I have any style icons, I try to just do my own thing, if I like it, I'll wear it! [caption id="attachment_8488" align="alignnone" width="300"]
    Louche Karm Dress[/caption]Describe your style?I would say my style is comfortable & casual with a dose of smart pieces and a sprinkle of hippy vibes.I love things that hang well, I'm all about basics, simple pieces with a nice cut.What do you get up to in your spare time?
    I spend most of my free time drawing, working on my portfolio, going on skate cruises & spending time with my boyfriend. What
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  3. Him for HYMN: Artist - Tom Leamon

    In the latest of this week
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  4. Barber Ben's Movember Dos & Don'ts

    ben+may_profile As the days become shorter, mornings darker, and evenings colder, it can mean only one thing: Movember is upon us. It is at this delightful time of year that men around the world take the opportunity to make fools of themselves, all in the name of charity. Of course, as anyone who has ever attempted to grow a substantial amount of facial hair will tell you, it has its pitfalls; the itching, the patchy look, complaints from the Mrs (or Mr) every time you kiss, and the constant ribbing from colleagues and friends. These issues will last from day 1 to day 30. But, persevere friends, as the outcome can be incredibly worthwhile; many of you will realise that you can make facial hair work, whilst also collecting for a great cause. The idea of this post is to give you a little advice in some of the areas that may hinder you, and hopefully make your follicle fun a little easier on the eye - and the lip. the_good In the grooming industry, we have witnessed an increase in facial hair and the number of people seeking advice from us to create the looks that you see in the street. Gone are the days of untidy fisherman beards and unkempt monstrosities as popularised by ZZ Top. In their place is the growth of East London
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  5. The World of Extreme Happiness

    This week the JOY marketing team took a trip to Southbank

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  6. A JOYful Commute

    JOY Waterloo opens this Friday, our 25th store and 3rd train station location; we couldn't be more excited! [caption id="attachment_6303" align="alignnone" width="448"]0 The Commute Essentials[/caption] As we wait for the arrival of our new baby, the PR and Marketing team is celebrating with a personal guide to commuter survival; our must-have items, commuter loves, and of course, a few of our hates too! 4

    Emma, Press Officer

    Commute Essential:
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  7. Pin to WIN with JOY

    Pin to WIN with JOY
    Woody Woodland Tunic Woody Woodland Tunic[/caption]   In need of some new season style inspiration?
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  8. JOY TV: Who is The Insider?

    JOY TV: Who is The Insider?
    Four jobseekers compete for a dream job, unaware the fifth candidate is a spy. Don't miss JOY on The Insider, Monday at 9pm on BBC3. The Insider airs on BBC3, 09.09.13 at 9pm Did anyone catch The Insider last night? In each episode of the brand new BBC3 series, five young people compete for a dream job at a selection of the UK
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  9. National Bikini Day

    We sure are in high spirits today over at JOY HQ; it's Friday, the sun has got his hat on AND it's looking very much like the summer has well and truly begun! The sizzling sunshine has arrived just in time for National Bikini Day, which falls each year on the anniversary

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  10. Leeds, Camera... Action! The Visual Diary

    Leeds, Camera... Action! The Visual Diary
    This time last week we were mad-busy preparing to open the doors to our brand spanking new store in Leeds! Having spent eight exciting years at The Light, we are delighted to now invite our Leeds shoppers to a much larger spot on Albion Street, bursting with more JOY than ever before. The long-time JOY-ites among you will know that we like to open our new stores with a bang (and often a flash of flesh). This time around, we made it our mission to
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