1. Autumn Style Edit

    Autumn Style Edit

    With autumn underway, new season pieces are arriving each day to spruce up your wardrobe and prepare you for the colder weather. We’ve put together a collection of style equations to take the complication out of transitional seasonal dressing, meaning you can build your staple autumn wardrobe in a flash.


    Your office wardrobe doesn’t have to be boring! Dress up monochrome pieces with a pop of colour or a subtle pattern, or throw away typical workwear rules and choose a fun jumpsuit or checked culottes. The perfect look to #girlboss every day of the week!


    Whether you’re heading for dinner, drinks, or a night on the tiles, our picks have you sorted for the perfect evening out. Choose chic separates for an on-trend look, or a gorgeous patterned jumpsuit paired with your favourite trainers for an effortless mix of cool and glam.


    The autumn weather doesn’t mean we have to stay indoors… Wrap up warm and appreciate the gorgeous golden leaves and crisp air by taking a walk in a park, warming up in a cosy pub! The perfect weekend activity. Pair an easy jumpsuit or shirt dress with much-needed wool accessories.

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  2. Customer Style - Celebrating You!

    Customer Style - Celebrating You!

    The September roundup of JOY customer style is here! From fun banana prints to pretty florals, we’re all about prints this month. 

    Make sure to use #sharethejoy and tag us in your posts; we’ll never get bored of seeing you sharing the JOY, and wearing the JOY!

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  3. Guest Blogger: Grace Latter shares the JOY

    Guest Blogger: Grace Latter shares the JOY

    This week's post comes in the form of a guest post from one of our favourite JOY ladies, Grace Latter from Almost Amazing Grace. It's so interesting to hear about how her style has changed since shaving her head, and it's so lovely to see how our jewellery and clothing look so gorgeous on her. Read on...

    One evening in March this year, at one of my favourite cafes in my home town, surrounded by friends, all of us with a cocktail in hand, I had my head shaved for charity. I raised over £4,000 to help The Brain Tumour Charity fund their invaluable research into curing brain tumours. I also raised £500 for local charity Counselling Plus, so they can continue to help others in their struggles with mental health. Shaving my head seemed the least I could do, and actually quite appropriate for my chosen charities – by making this big change to the outside of my head, I was (hopefully) helping countless others with the inside of their heads.

    I’d wanted to shave all my hair off for years. When I was a teenager, I desperately yearned for a stylish pixie crop, but worried it wouldn’t look that good (and back then I really cared what the Popular Girls I envied and mop-headed Skater Boys I fancied thought of me). Then as I grew up, I was amazed to see friends of friends ‘braving the shave’ for various causes close to their hearts. Viral videos circulating on socials of complete strangers doing it also showed me how powerful, thoughtful and thrilling it could be. I became slightly obsessed with the idea of it, but never had a reason to do it – or rather, I was a little nervous to do it and needed a push, a cause I cared about enough to do it for. I stopped thinking about it properly for a few years, but it was always in the back of my mind as something I’d love to do, a life event I wanted to experience. Then in 2014, I got to know The Brain Tumour Charity. They helped and supported me throughout my diagnosis, operations and treatments – and last year I decided to do it for them.

    So it was towards the end of 2017 I made the plan to do it, and this meant I’d said goodbye to my hair long before it was finally buzzed off in March this year. A good friend of mine bleached it and dyed it bright lilac (because, why not!?), then throughout winter I was putting various purples and blues on it, not caring too much what it looked like because, in my mind, it was already gone. Having said that, I hadn’t given too much thought to what it would look like. I didn’t worry at any point whether or not it would suit me, what shape my head was – or how I’d dress myself when it all came off!

    Well, I love it. And since the shave, I’ve kept what little hair I have very short. I’ve seen my lovely barber every couple of weeks to have him clip and taper it, never letting it grow longer than a 1.5 or 2. I’ve become used to my face, my shape and my silhouette without the old mid-length, fluffy lilac drapes. Having said that, I have definitely had to change my style quite a bit to suit the hair – I’ve had to go bigger, and much more bold! Before the chop, I’d always opted for loose, floaty floral outfits or patterned skater dresses. They suited my shape and skin tone, however, now I don’t have anything going on around my face, I am finding the flowery prints less flattering and I cannot layer too many different colours! So now I tend to go for stronger, solid hues and only the most gentle patterns (e.g. little polkadots). I’m also finding I need (not want, need!) to wear bigger and more exciting jewellery. As I said above, I don’t have anything happening around my face right now (strange as that sounds), so larger, dangling jewels or hoops in my ears work nicely, as do thicker nose rings and shorter necklaces – preferably with sparkly pendants. A shaved head really is great; it’s freeing, it’s a big and exciting change – and it gets me loads of double takes in public, which is always fun. I have also never come across a more perfect excuse to shop for new clothes and accessories, tbh. Thank you JOY, for helping me rework my style and indulge my inner magpie!

    Grace Wears;

    Davis Jumpsuit

    Pascale Sweetheart Neck Dress

    Zooey Hoop Earrings

    Jenna Blue Tassel Earrings

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  4. The Joy of Food: Recipe of the Month

    The Joy of Food: Recipe of the Month

    With the nights getting colder, a hearty recipe like this Kerala Cauliflower Curry is a perfect warming dish even for the most dedicated carnivores. A perfect meal for two, or just double the quantities to share with friends for a cosy night in...

    15 Minute Vegan shows that vegan cooking doesn't have to be complicated or boring; these tasty, quick and simple recipes are great if you're looking to make the change in your diet, or are simply looking for a speedy and delicious meal!

    Discover more great recipes in 15 Minute Vegan and our other recipe books online and in stores.

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  5. Create Your Joy Capsule Wardrobe

    Create Your Joy Capsule Wardrobe

    Fashion is forever changing; there are so many styles, colours, cuts and trends, it can be difficult to keep up with it all! Well for those of you in need of help, we're here with some wardrobe advice. Creating a capsule wardrobe simply means choosing pieces that you love, that you can mix and match, and work well together. It can make getting dressed in the mornings so simple, giving you effortless style, every day.

    Your capsule wardrobe trousers don't have to be boring! Our JAYLO WEAVE and ICHI KATE styles are perfect examples of versatile and comfortable pieces, great for work or evening. Our culottes have a subtle hint of yellow, adding a playful element, and the Jaylo Weave skinny style are navy, a great alternative to black, and can be worn with anything.

    A jumpsuit is perfect for when it's just too early to think about pulling an outfit together- it's already done for you! We've chosen these 3 classic pieces as they will never go out of style, all you have to do is change up your accessories. The CHRISTA SPOT has culotte style trousers and a polka dot print; perfect for the coming season. The JOY DAVIS is a favourite with our customers and is also available in black, and the SIDRA CHAMBRAY is a beautiful transitional piece for the end of summer.

    All of these tops work with the trousers and can be worn under the jumpsuits! (see, we've thought this through!). Our LYLOU and KATIANA styles have just dropped, so get them before they're gone. The JAYON top is the perfect Breton style, easy to throw on over jeans, trousers and skirts.

    Polka dots will always be in style and so will our JERSEY SWING SPOT DRESS! Great for the summer months but looks so good with tights and boots when the weather starts to turn. The MARNA dress is the ideal layering piece; so popular this summer, we've made more. Pair it with a stripe top as we approach Autumn.

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  6. Podcasts We're Loving

    Podcasts We're Loving

    Ever felt like your life is so full of ‘stuff’ that you can’t think clearly? The Minimalists are here to help! Josh and Ryan tell us about their lives as ‘Minimalists’ and their journey from corporate consumerists to how they now live a meaningful life, with less. They cover every aspect of Minimalism with a broadminded attitude, from people, to diet to clothing to travel. They engage in thoughtful discussions and offer pithy answers to listener questions, proving that Minimalism can benefit us all.

    If you haven’t heard of Emma Gannon by now, then where have you been? She’s written her own books, runs her own blog and guested on radio shows and to top it all off, she has her own podcast. She’s a busy gal. Emma interviews people she admires, including writer Dawn O’Porter, life coach Lucy Sheridan and YouTube sensation Zoella, focusing conversation around social media and the internet, as well as careers and life advice. Her down to earth approach means she connects easily with people, making each episode an easy and interesting listen.

    Are you a fierce feminist? Then let us introduce you to Lady Lovin’, the podcast promoting female empowerment. Jilly, Greta and Lo are women who aren’t afraid to dig deep and discuss topics and answer those questions that we are all dying to ask, but might be too shy to talk about. Health, business, sex – you name it and they will be happy to help. They aim to educate and inspire listeners to love themselves for who they are and if that isn’t something to celebrate, then we don’t know what is.

    Beauty Junkies unite! Join Jill and Carlene, long time beauty editors, as they chat about products, brands and all things in between and share how their own careers came to fruition. Their mid-month #theglowdown series has them interviewing industry experts, discussing new products and catching up on all the latest beauty gossip. This is a must for makeup lovers and product obsessives.

    Fascinated with true crime but scared to share your morbid curiosity? Then Karen and Georgia are the ladies you need in your life. MFM has become a podcast sensation, showing that perhaps we are all a little more fascinated with death than we care to admit… but this is a crime podcast with a twist- it’s hilarious! Each episode they share crime stories from way back when, to recent times, as well as gifting the audience with their favourite listener ‘Home Town Murders’. The hosts are two bad ass women who say what they think and are not afraid to share TMI. Even more reason to listen!

    The Sporkful is hosted by Dan Pashman, an author and speaker on the subject of food. His approach is an unpretentious, thoughtful and sometimes comedic look at the why, who, how, when and where of all things food. His subjects are broad, ranging from a man who collects pizza boxes, to a couple who discuss how food has affected their 62 year relationship. If you are someone who loves to eat then this one’s for you!

    If you love fashion as much as we do, then check out the Pop Fashion podcast. Hosted by Lisa Rowan, a former vintage shop owner, turned financial extraordinaire and Kaarin Vembar a retail writer, they discuss all aspects of (you’ve guessed it), fashion! If you are looking for a career in this field or already have your foot in the door, then this will give you an insight into the industry and offer great advice from those who have been there and done it.

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  7. JOY Customer Style - Celebrating You!

    JOY Customer Style - Celebrating You!

    We've said it before and we'll say it again, we love seeing you share the JOY! Our monthly roundup is back for August with more of your amazing outfits.

    Next time you find yourself in your favourite JOY piece, make sure to take a picture and share it with us! Use the hashtag #sharethejoy and you could be one of our next customer style favourites…

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  8. Bike Friendly Outfits

    Bike Friendly Outfits

    There’s no denying that being outdoors in the warm weather brings out the JOY in everyone, and can be a much needed break from overdosing on screen time. With busy schedules and constant social media updates, one of our favourite ways to refresh our minds and bodies is by hopping on our bikes and cycling. Whether it’s your daily commute or a once-in-while weekend ride, there are no end to the benefits of cycling.

    With cycle to work day on the 15th August, we’ve put together our recommendations for our favourite cycles, and a few stylish yet practical outfit suggestions!

    Tokyo Bikes

    Designed for ‘comfort over speed’, Tokyo bikes are lightweight, easy to ride and gorgeously chic. In a huge range of colours, these cool cycles will take you around the city with absolute ease. Perfect for a short cycle to work or Saturday morning cycles round the park!

    What to Wear

    On those days the sun is uncharacteristically hot, a light playsuit is your answer. The SIERRA WRAP FRONT PLAYSUIT is our favourite, with a quirky cactus print and tie details. Wear on lazy day cycles to brunch or the park.

    Temple Cycles

     Built in Bristol, Temple cycles are built to last, without compromising on aesthetic. Each bike is made to order, meaning you can add extras to make sure it’s the perfect ride for you. Choose from their ‘Every day’, ‘Adventure’ or ‘Urban Singlespeed’ to find a bike that fits how you want to use it.

    What to Wear

    Our DAVIS JUMPSUIT works with almost everything, meaning you can easily throw it on over a white broderie blouse for a summery workwear look, or over a classic Breton top for the weekend.

    Bobbin Bicycles

    Bobbin bikes are gorgeously fun, their bright colour schemes and stylish frames have helped make them one of the most sought-after leisure bike brands in the world. With frames designed for country road cycling, and fold-up designs great for commuting, you’ll find your perfect cycle here.

    What to Wear

    For a hassle free bike commute, our KEN GINGHAM TROUSERS have you covered. In the perfect length and fit, these will work with everything from knitwear to smart tops, and won’t get in the way of your wheels.


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  9. Holiday Style - What We're Wearing and Where

    Holiday Style - What We're Wearing and Where

    It’s that time of year – everyone around you is jetting off for a week or two of holiday relaxation. If you're yet to book your well-deserved break, fear not! We have some ideas to help you decide, plus some gorgeous outfit ideas to make sure you look as stylish as possible. Whether you’re relaxing by the pool or exploring the city, we have the ultimate look for you!


    One of the most beautiful cities in the world, Budapest, Hungary is the ideal destination for architecture fans. Boasting unique and diverse buildings, museums and galleries as well as the heart of Hungary- The Danube River, there’s plenty to see! After all that sightseeing, why not try one of Hungary’s traditional dishes for dinner?

    Keep cool and covered while you’re out and about in our TEMOE DRESS and accessorize with our LIBBY POM POM EARRINGS.


    Not everyone wants to spend their holiday on the beach and we totally get that. It can also be treated as a time to explore and reconnect with nature. Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA is the perfect place to do this. You’ll find lush green forests, hot springs, sparkling lakes as well as an abundance of animals and wildlife. You can hike until your hearts content – just don’t forget to pack your boots!

    Our 100% cotton SOREN STRIPED SHORTS will keep you cool on your walks and our TAYLER RED BACKPACK is perfect for carrying your snacks, water and guide books.


    Ibiza, Spain may have a reputation as a party paradise, but there is so much more to it. The hot weather and beautiful sandy beaches means you can catch a tan in no time. If the partying scene isn’t for you, then why not visit Old Town? Quaint cobbled streets and beautiful views, this historical town will make you forget about the clubs and bars. Although, there’s no harm in just one drink…

    The JALILA FLORAL PLAYSUIT is perfect to take you from day to night. Team with bold accessories like our GEORGIA WOOD PURPLE TASSEL EARRINGS for a bright and fun look.

    Photo credit top to bottom;




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  10. The Ultimate Self - Care Routine

    The Ultimate Self - Care Routine

    Whether you play, work or do both a little too hard, the possibility of a dreaded ‘burnout’ is always imminent. Keep stress at bay with our list of self-care practices to keep your body and mind happy, healthy and full of JOY!

    Cooking A Great Meal

    If you’ve been neglecting your grains and greens for mountains of toast or the whole biscuit aisle, keep your insides happy by cooking up a healthy meal that contains plenty of goodness. A few biscuits with a hot drink can do wonders, but your body needs good fuel to feel good.

    Turn Off That Phone!

    While we can’t deny we love a good ‘gram, it goes without saying that sometimes social media can get us down. By turning your phone off for even half an hour, we can refocus our thoughts and have an easier time deciphering our feelings. Why not use the time to read a chapter of a great book, a magazine you love, or write down your thoughts? These all allow you to clear the fog that may have accumulated in your brain, resulting in much happier thoughts.

    Get Zen

    Whether it’s a long bath steeped in bath oils, a shower sound-tracked by your favourite songs, or a night of your favourite TV, fragrant candles and a face mask, get pampering for a quick self-care fix.

    Spring Clean

    Changing your bedding may feel like the most dreaded task possible right now, but once you get into those crisp, clean sheets, you’ll automatically feel so much better. The same goes for that mountain of washing that’s piling up; it takes a matter of minutes to pop in the machine and once your conscience is clearer, your mind will be too. A tidy home will always mean a tidy head. Clear out the clutter both physically and mentally, whether it’s a quick rearrange of your bedroom or a full-blown entire house clean.

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