1. Joy + Joseph

    Joy + Joseph

    We are so excited to announce that we have partnered up with Joseph and the Amazing Technicoloured Dreamcoat and have a great competition for our Joy customers!

    Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s multi-award winning musical is returning to The London Palladium this summer strictly limited 11-week summer season from Thursday 27 June through until Sunday 8 September 2019! BAFTA and Olivier Award-winning actress Sheridan Smith stars as the Narrator in the eagerly anticipated revival, with Jason Donovan returning in the role of Pharaoh, alongside newcomer Jac Yarrow in the iconic role of Joseph.

    We are offering one lucky winner: 2 x tickets to Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat at the London Palladium along with an overnight stay at a five star central London hotel with breakfast included! To enter, simply follow this link https://www.joythestore.com/joseph and enter your email address for a chance to win this once in a lifetime prize!

    Good luck, love Joy x

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  2. Behind The Blog: Q&A with Jessica Davis

    Behind The Blog: Q&A with Jessica Davis

    Introducing: @j.e.s.s.i.c.a.d.a.v.i.s

    1. When does your alarm go off?


    2. What is your job?

     Network Marketer

    3. Typical day?

      Drop my daughter off at school, run some errands then spend the day working on my beauty business.

    4. What outfit do you wear to feel your most confident?

    Would have to be a pair of ripped blue jeans that fit like a glove, a black top with heels and tons of gold jewellery!

    5. Thoughts on following trends?

    I think it’s great to have nods of current trends running through your wardrobe each season to keep it looking fresh, as long as you’re putting your own stamp on it.

    6. Describe your personal style

    I like to think it’s a mix of Rosie Huntingdon Whiteley’s ‘cool Brit girl in LA’ vibe / off-duty Kendall Jenner / Pixie Lott’s cute kitsch holiday style but in reality it’s mostly whatever’s left on the wardrobe floor from the day before!

    7. Favourite Joy piece

    Either the pink Marin scallop hem dress or the Sirin vintage floral dress.

    8. Do you prefer summer or winter for style?

    Although I’m a summer baby, I much prefer the fashion when it gets colder.

    9. What brings you Joy?

    Hearing my husband reading our daughter her bedtime story.

    10. How do you treat yourself?

    A lie in, a good coffee and a child-free shopping spree.

    11. Favourite thing to do in Nottingham?

    Get the girls together & go for cocktails at Coco Tang & a dance at Be at One!

    12. If you could give everyone one piece of advice what would it be?

     Consistency is key. Small actions each day can mount up to something big for your future. And be kind to yourself!

    13. What piece of clothing do you feel incomplete without?

    Definitely jeans!

    14. Have you got any holidays coming up? And what item of clothing screams ‘summer holiday’ to you?

    We’re heading to Sandbanks in June and the first thing I’ll pack is my white linen button front dress, it’s the perfect summer piece.

    15. What book would you recommend most to others?

    ‘Sapiens’ by Yuval Noah Harari

    16. What made you get into the blogging/social media game?

    I’m a very creative person and found Instagram to be one of very few outlets I can express myself creatively as an adult.

    17. What are you good at?

    I consider myself a pretty good cook!

    18. What are you bad at?

    I’m such a procrastinator and I hate it.

    19. What do you think the future of fashion will be?

    Hopefully sustainable, with more people really getting the most of their wardrobes & less of a ‘wear once for Instagram and throw it’ attitude.

    20. Most memorable outfit you’ve ever worn?

    A cheetah sweat top and jeans that I wore when I got married in NYC.

    21. Black or pink?


    22. A dress or trousers?


    23. Neutrals or colourful brights?


    24. Pattern or plain?


    A huge thank you to Jessica for taking part in our blogger takeover! Check back next week for another instalment of 'Behind The Blog'.

    love, Joy x 

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  3. Behind The Blog: Q&A with @clareydareyy

    Behind The Blog: Q&A with @clareydareyy

    1.    When does your alarm go off?
    7:30am (luckily I live right next to my office, so no crazy early morning starts!) 

    2.    What is your job?
    Senior Research Executive for a Market Research agency
    3.    Go to breakfast?
    Smoothie made using my Nutribullet: Bananas, frozen summer berries, spinach, nuts, maca, cocoa and wheatgrass powder topped off with almond milk is my go to blend! 
    4.    Typical day?
    A typical day involves checking my emails as soon as I get into the office and then getting on with the days tasks! These are incredibly varied but can range from writing research materials, to interviewing doctors and patients, to attending client meetings and writing up reports. I’m also lucky enough to travel frequently with work to oversee interviews taking place in other countries - so will be travelling to Spain and the US in a couple of weeks!
    5.    What outfit do you wear to feel your most confident?
    I like a crop top and high waisted black jean combo. It’s laid back and can be dressed up easily. I’m also very tall at 6”2 but love to own my height - so I feel my most confident when I’m rocking my lace up, heeled biker boots.
    6.    Thoughts on following trends?
    I think following trends is important to some extent. But everyone also needs to remember to follow their own style and identity, and not blend in with the rest of the crowd! 
    7.    Describe your personal style.
    My style is very varied and I often flip flop between all black, slightly grungy outfits to bursts of colour and lots of floral! But what keeps everything quite consistent is that I tend to go for more bohemian looks.
    8.    Favourite Joy piece.
    The Safa Vintage Floral Dress! The print on it is beautiful, the cut-out back detail is gorgeous and and I can’t wait to wear it more now that the warm weather is approaching!
    9.    Do you prefer summer or winter for style?
    I think I prefer winter more as a season (I love cosy evening in my pyjamas) but love summer more for the outfits I’m able to wear. There’s nothing better than walking around in the sunshine in a big floaty dress! 
    10.  What brings you Joy?
    Weekends spent with my friends, an afternoon free to sit and read a book and going for a walk around somewhere I’ve never been before!
    11.  How do you treat yourself?
     I normally treat myself to food! I really love hunting out new restaurants in London and my fiancé and I will often celebrate our successes over a nice dinner.
    12.  Favourite thing to do in where you live?
    One of favourite things to do in Wandsworth is to play mini golf at Wandsworth Park. I’ve always loved mini golf since I was very young and it’s made me super competitive!
    13.  If you could give everyone one piece of advice what would it be?
    Don’t sweat the small stuff. If you’re getting stressed or anxious about something, take a step back from the situation and try to look at it from another perspective. Will the world end if you don’t get your task completed by 5:30PM? No. Can it probably wait till tomorrow? Yes, probably. And always ask for help if you’re struggling - no matter what the issue is.
    14.  What piece of clothing do you feel incomplete without?
    I feel incomplete without my red Converses - they’re my go-to casual footwear and I normally wear them at work, but can easily pair them with most of my outfits.
    15.  Have you got any holidays coming up? And what item of clothing screams ‘summer holiday’ to you?
    I have! But not until November, my fiancé and I are heading to New York for his 30th birthday. I’m not sure if a beachy holiday is on the cards yet this summer, but I love an embroidered beach dress and a pretty pair of sandals for an ultimate ‘summer holiday’ look.
    16.  What book would you recommend most to others?  
    I love reading but my favourite genre is horror which typically isn’t everyone’s cup of tea!

    A huge thank you to Clare for taking part in our blogger takeover! Check back next week for another instalment of 'Behind The Blog'.

    love, Joy x 

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  4. Our Pride and Joy: Elena

    Our Pride and Joy: Elena

    Meet Elena Andruhiv, our lovely Bristol Store Manager and all-round good egg. We wanted to introduce you to the Joy team and the people who make Joy, joyful so we sent her a few questions. To find out more about Elena, carry on reading and show her some love on her Instagram: wild_sheep_chase.

    HOME IS:

    Full of plants, cats and vintage furniture


    It’s the little things. The first cup of coffee of the day, walk along the river on a sunny day, waking up on a warm day with a window open and ice-cream, definitely ice-cream!


    “Chains” by Fleetwood Mac


    A vintage grey industrial dress I found at a flea market in Copenhagen. I hardly ever wear it but I could never part with it.


    For some reason cats love me. Sometimes I meet them on the street and they walk across the road just to say hello.

    I’ve had a cat come for a walk in the field with me once and it wasn’t even my cat!


    I put on a bright lipstick and go out to a café with my favourite book, sit by the window. Doodle, read and watch people go by. And also my two cats: Wednesday & Trotsky, they always help


    Haruki Murakami “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle”

    I read a lot. I read all the time. And there are so many wonderful books. Too many to list. But there is something magical about the Murakami universe. He transports you to a different dimension. A dream world, not too dissimilar to ours but different enough for you to notice; just the right amount.

    It's a world full of cats and jazz and deep wells at the bottom of which you can sit when you need to think, unusual phone calls and strange characters all with a story to tell. A world full of things that are there and not there simultaneously and where 10 minutes is all you need to understand each other.

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  5. Happy International Women's Day

    Happy International Women's Day

    Every year on the 8th of March the world celebrates International Women’s Day and this year the Joy team wanted to join in and celebrate the women online that bring us joy every day. We strive to celebrate women every day of the year not just on the 8th of March but we couldn’t resist the opportunity to shine a spotlight on two of our favourites. Jess Marriner (@abrunetteedit) and Maria Larkin (@thatgirlwiththebob) are as obsessed with fashion as we are and create inspiring content regularly on their Instagrams. We asked both of them a few questions about female empowerment and what being a woman means to them. Take a look at their answers below!

    JESS MARRINER @abrunetteedit

    What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

    International women’s day to me means celebrating and thanking the amazing women in my life that bring a smile to my face, bring me up when I’m down and are there for me whatever the distance or time between us. Those women who you can turn up on their doorstep on the darkest of times and no words are needed, they put the kettle on, listen to your woes and help you put the world to rights.

    Celebrate yourself and your achievements for a moment. What are you proud of?

    My proudest achievement as a woman had to be raising my 7 year old daughter to be a kind, thoughtful and inspirational young women who cares so much about how other people feel and how she can make them smile (this is why she was Little Miss Sunshine for world book day!) How do you support the women around you? Women supporting women is so important to build community and kindness especially in the world of social media. ‘Have friends that applause not bring you down’ is so true and I think it’s all too easy to stop celebrating other people’s success and only focus on our own goals. Cheer on the women in your life, share their successes and in turn your community grows stronger.

    What do you wear to feel extra confident?

    Rocking a red lip is my key to confidence! If you are too scared to go bold with colour try it out and I promise you’ll feel like you are owning the day!

    How do you treat yourself?

    My own way of treating myself is through self care. I feel very passionate about women being able to love and enjoy beauty and not be ‘pigeon holed or labelled’ for doing so. People are always surprised when I say I’m a social worker - yes I have a serious job which is worlds away from the beauty and lifestyle industry but I can also appreciate and indulge in beauty without it undermining my chosen career. Putting a slick of Chanel coco rouge on in the morning is part of my ‘let’s do this’ routine and gives me that extra boost of confidence to know I can achieve whatever I put my mind too!

    MARIA LARKIN @thatgirlwiththebob

    ** Dress coming to stores online in April

    What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

    A day for celebrating women and their achievements across the globe and an opportunity to make real change towards equality for women especially in countries where the rights we take for-granted are still being fought for.

    What woman comes to mind when you hear the words ‘badass babe’?

    A strong inspirational woman. Someone who’s not afraid to stand up for either themselves or give a voice to those who need it most regardless of the consequences.

    If you could change one thing for women in the world right now what would it be?

    Equality from an early age and access to schooling and education for all girls.

    Celebrate yourself and your achievements for a moment. What are you proud of?

    Working hard in my career and achieving my goals but most of all being mum to my two gorgeous girls and watching them grow.

    How do you support the women around you?

    By being there for each other through thick and thin. One of my favourite quotes is; ‘Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.’ (Vivian Greene) For me this sums up the foundation of all good friendships.

    What outfit do you rock to feel extra confident?

    I love my biker jacket and throw it over the top of jeans and dresses. It always makes me feel good!

    Name your favourite feminist.

    Michelle Obama - in her own words; “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.”

    What is your favourite thing about yourself? and/or your body?

    Probably my hair. I hated it when I was younger but now I’ve learnt how to manage it I love that it’s so thick – although it’s still a nightmare in any humidity! How do you treat yourself? I love a lazy day with my family or lunch with friends. My other fav treats or pick me ups are shopping or a pilates class and my ultimate treat is a spa day but they don’t come around very often!!

    Aren’t they both just fab? Go and check out their Instagram feeds for more inspiring content. International Women’s Day is a great day to support the women you know but also the women you don’t. Support can be as small as following your favourite gal on Instagram or buying something from a woman owned business. We hope you have an amazing International Women’s Day and have fun celebrating the power of woman.

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  6. Autumn Style Edit

    Autumn Style Edit

    With autumn underway, new season pieces are arriving each day to spruce up your wardrobe and prepare you for the colder weather. We’ve put together a collection of style equations to take the complication out of transitional seasonal dressing, meaning you can build your staple autumn wardrobe in a flash.


    Your office wardrobe doesn’t have to be boring! Dress up monochrome pieces with a pop of colour or a subtle pattern, or throw away typical workwear rules and choose a fun jumpsuit or checked culottes. The perfect look to #girlboss every day of the week!


    Whether you’re heading for dinner, drinks, or a night on the tiles, our picks have you sorted for the perfect evening out. Choose chic separates for an on-trend look, or a gorgeous patterned jumpsuit paired with your favourite trainers for an effortless mix of cool and glam.


    The autumn weather doesn’t mean we have to stay indoors… Wrap up warm and appreciate the gorgeous golden leaves and crisp air by taking a walk in a park, warming up in a cosy pub! The perfect weekend activity. Pair an easy jumpsuit or shirt dress with much-needed wool accessories.

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  7. Customer Style - Celebrating You!

    Customer Style - Celebrating You!

    The September roundup of JOY customer style is here! From fun banana prints to pretty florals, we’re all about prints this month. 

    Make sure to use #sharethejoy and tag us in your posts; we’ll never get bored of seeing you sharing the JOY, and wearing the JOY!

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  8. Guest Blogger: Grace Latter shares the JOY

    Guest Blogger: Grace Latter shares the JOY

    This week's post comes in the form of a guest post from one of our favourite JOY ladies, Grace Latter from Almost Amazing Grace. It's so interesting to hear about how her style has changed since shaving her head, and it's so lovely to see how our jewellery and clothing look so gorgeous on her. Read on...

    One evening in March this year, at one of my favourite cafes in my home town, surrounded by friends, all of us with a cocktail in hand, I had my head shaved for charity. I raised over £4,000 to help The Brain Tumour Charity fund their invaluable research into curing brain tumours. I also raised £500 for local charity Counselling Plus, so they can continue to help others in their struggles with mental health. Shaving my head seemed the least I could do, and actually quite appropriate for my chosen charities – by making this big change to the outside of my head, I was (hopefully) helping countless others with the inside of their heads.

    I’d wanted to shave all my hair off for years. When I was a teenager, I desperately yearned for a stylish pixie crop, but worried it wouldn’t look that good (and back then I really cared what the Popular Girls I envied and mop-headed Skater Boys I fancied thought of me). Then as I grew up, I was amazed to see friends of friends ‘braving the shave’ for various causes close to their hearts. Viral videos circulating on socials of complete strangers doing it also showed me how powerful, thoughtful and thrilling it could be. I became slightly obsessed with the idea of it, but never had a reason to do it – or rather, I was a little nervous to do it and needed a push, a cause I cared about enough to do it for. I stopped thinking about it properly for a few years, but it was always in the back of my mind as something I’d love to do, a life event I wanted to experience. Then in 2014, I got to know The Brain Tumour Charity. They helped and supported me throughout my diagnosis, operations and treatments – and last year I decided to do it for them.

    So it was towards the end of 2017 I made the plan to do it, and this meant I’d said goodbye to my hair long before it was finally buzzed off in March this year. A good friend of mine bleached it and dyed it bright lilac (because, why not!?), then throughout winter I was putting various purples and blues on it, not caring too much what it looked like because, in my mind, it was already gone. Having said that, I hadn’t given too much thought to what it would look like. I didn’t worry at any point whether or not it would suit me, what shape my head was – or how I’d dress myself when it all came off!

    Well, I love it. And since the shave, I’ve kept what little hair I have very short. I’ve seen my lovely barber every couple of weeks to have him clip and taper it, never letting it grow longer than a 1.5 or 2. I’ve become used to my face, my shape and my silhouette without the old mid-length, fluffy lilac drapes. Having said that, I have definitely had to change my style quite a bit to suit the hair – I’ve had to go bigger, and much more bold! Before the chop, I’d always opted for loose, floaty floral outfits or patterned skater dresses. They suited my shape and skin tone, however, now I don’t have anything going on around my face, I am finding the flowery prints less flattering and I cannot layer too many different colours! So now I tend to go for stronger, solid hues and only the most gentle patterns (e.g. little polkadots). I’m also finding I need (not want, need!) to wear bigger and more exciting jewellery. As I said above, I don’t have anything happening around my face right now (strange as that sounds), so larger, dangling jewels or hoops in my ears work nicely, as do thicker nose rings and shorter necklaces – preferably with sparkly pendants. A shaved head really is great; it’s freeing, it’s a big and exciting change – and it gets me loads of double takes in public, which is always fun. I have also never come across a more perfect excuse to shop for new clothes and accessories, tbh. Thank you JOY, for helping me rework my style and indulge my inner magpie!

    Grace Wears;

    Davis Jumpsuit

    Pascale Sweetheart Neck Dress

    Zooey Hoop Earrings

    Jenna Blue Tassel Earrings

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  9. The Joy of Food: Recipe of the Month

    The Joy of Food: Recipe of the Month

    With the nights getting colder, a hearty recipe like this Kerala Cauliflower Curry is a perfect warming dish even for the most dedicated carnivores. A perfect meal for two, or just double the quantities to share with friends for a cosy night in...

    15 Minute Vegan shows that vegan cooking doesn't have to be complicated or boring; these tasty, quick and simple recipes are great if you're looking to make the change in your diet, or are simply looking for a speedy and delicious meal!

    Discover more great recipes in 15 Minute Vegan and our other recipe books online and in stores.

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  10. Create Your Joy Capsule Wardrobe

    Create Your Joy Capsule Wardrobe

    Fashion is forever changing; there are so many styles, colours, cuts and trends, it can be difficult to keep up with it all! Well for those of you in need of help, we're here with some wardrobe advice. Creating a capsule wardrobe simply means choosing pieces that you love, that you can mix and match, and work well together. It can make getting dressed in the mornings so simple, giving you effortless style, every day.

    Your capsule wardrobe trousers don't have to be boring! Our JAYLO WEAVE and ICHI KATE styles are perfect examples of versatile and comfortable pieces, great for work or evening. Our culottes have a subtle hint of yellow, adding a playful element, and the Jaylo Weave skinny style are navy, a great alternative to black, and can be worn with anything.

    A jumpsuit is perfect for when it's just too early to think about pulling an outfit together- it's already done for you! We've chosen these 3 classic pieces as they will never go out of style, all you have to do is change up your accessories. The CHRISTA SPOT has culotte style trousers and a polka dot print; perfect for the coming season. The JOY DAVIS is a favourite with our customers and is also available in black, and the SIDRA CHAMBRAY is a beautiful transitional piece for the end of summer.

    All of these tops work with the trousers and can be worn under the jumpsuits! (see, we've thought this through!). Our LYLOU and KATIANA styles have just dropped, so get them before they're gone. The JAYON top is the perfect Breton style, easy to throw on over jeans, trousers and skirts.

    Polka dots will always be in style and so will our JERSEY SWING SPOT DRESS! Great for the summer months but looks so good with tights and boots when the weather starts to turn. The MARNA dress is the ideal layering piece; so popular this summer, we've made more. Pair it with a stripe top as we approach Autumn.

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