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  1. The 'Love It' List

    The 'Love It' List

    We all have a wish list of every beautiful thing we’ve seen and mentally banked to buy later. Most things you forget about but the items that stick are guaranteed to bring joy forever. We’ve created our own ‘love it’ list full of the pieces we can’t stop thinking about and are itching to buy. If you add anything to your own ‘love it’ list, we sincerely apologise for being bad influences and emptying your bank account!




    Love One ♥

    Just waiting for the party invites to come in so we can buy this beauty!


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  2. Buyer's Picks

    Buyer's Picks

    It’s well known that fashion buyers are the most stylish people in the fashion industry and our womenswear buyer, Holly, is no different. A buyer’s job is literally to be ahead of the fashion game and know what we will be wearing months before we do. They know every upcoming trend, colour palette and pattern we will all be obsessing over in seasons to come. If you’re ever in a style rut, look to a buyer for new outfit inspiration! We definitely get all our style tips n tricks from Holly here at Joy! Find out why she is obsessed with these staple items for Autumn and get ready to buy a whole new wardrobe.

    Louche Loe Midi Dress

    “Who says florals are just for Spring/Summer? I love wearing them all year round. Dark florals especially are essential for the colder months. They have a vampy, edgy vibe about them and look amazing with a chunk

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