1. Our Pride and Joy: Elena

    Our Pride and Joy: Elena

    Meet Elena Andruhiv, our lovely Bristol Store Manager and all-round good egg. We wanted to introduce you to the Joy team and the people who make Joy, joyful so we sent her a few questions. To find out more about Elena, carry on reading and show her some love on her Instagram: wild_sheep_chase.

    HOME IS:

    Full of plants, cats and vintage furniture


    It’s the little things. The first cup of coffee of the day, walk along the river on a sunny day, waking up on a warm day with a window open and ice-cream, definitely ice-cream!


    “Chains” by Fleetwood Mac


    A vintage grey industrial dress I found at a flea market in Copenhagen. I hardly ever wear it but I could never part with it.


    For some reason cats love me. Sometimes I meet them on the street and they walk across the road just to say hello.

    I’ve had a cat come for a walk in the field with me once and it wasn’t even my cat!


    I put on a bright lipstick and go out to a café with my favourite book, sit by the window. Doodle, read and watch people go by. And also my two cats: Wednesday & Trotsky, they always help


    Haruki Murakami “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle”

    I read a lot. I read all the time. And there are so many wonderful books. Too many to list. But there is something magical about the Murakami universe. He transports you to a different dimension. A dream world, not too dissimilar to ours but different enough for you to notice; just the right amount.

    It's a world full of cats and jazz and deep wells at the bottom of which you can sit when you need to think, unusual phone calls and strange characters all with a story to tell. A world full of things that are there and not there simultaneously and where 10 minutes is all you need to understand each other.

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  2. 3 Ways to Style: The Louche Koto Stripe Chambray Jacket

    3 Ways to Style: The Louche Koto Stripe Chambray Jacket

    Introducing the newest addition to our jacket collection: The Louche Koto. A modern twist on the classic denim jacket, this striped chambray number is the statement outerwear piece you need. A patterned jacket may seem daunting to style but we have put together three simple looks to showcase how versatile the Louche Koto is.

    Brunch with the girls is the perfect time for your Louche Koto’s debut. You can experiment styling the jacket without judgement and reward your efforts with a massive stack of pancakes with a side of bacon. We styled the Louche Koto with the Louche Cathleen Dog Print tea dress for an adorably laidback look. The bright red of the tea dress compliments the bold blue and white stripes gorgeously and the cute pooch pattern adds playfulness to the outfit. Pairing pattern with pattern can be risky but we think these two prints work well together. A general rule of thumb when pairing patterns is to pair a larger print with a smaller one. The graphic stripes paired with the daintier pooch print contrast well and the scattered dalmatian pattern mirrors the silver circle buttons of the jacket tying both prints together nicely. Stick to minimal accessories like the Louche Interlinked Studs and Louche Luxe Emily personalised necklace in gold to let the Louche Koto be the star of the show. Style with a pair of on trend chunky trainers - perfect for your post brunch roll home.

    The best day of the week is finally here. You’ve done it. You’ve survived another working week. Putting any effort into your appearance was forgotten about by Tuesday and you have happily embraced slob life ever since. However, Friday is different. Friday is your time to shine. Prove to your colleagues (and yourself) that you can look nice – when you can be bothered. The Louche Koto Stripe Chambray jacket is a great statement piece that epitomises that ‘Friyay’ feeling and can be dressed up or down. Let’s say you’re going for cocktails after work. Plan ahead and wear a pair of smart Louche Meredith Cigarette trousers to transition from day to night seamlessly. We think the navy Meredith trousers work best with the bold blue and white striped Louche Koto. Remember to grab a slinky camisole to change into in the work toilets when 5pm hits. The Louche Yolaine Satin Cami is the ideal piece for amping up any outfit for night time. Statement accessories are key for a day to night transformation and we are in love with the oversized square Matilda earrings for just that. Add a pair of strappy black heels and you’re ready to let your hair down and party the evening away. Enjoy!

    The boxy cut of the Louche Koto is perfect for any formal occasion you have in your diary. This look works for a whole host of events. Afternoon tea? Tick. Your Grandma’s 80th birthday? Tick. A christening? Tick. The jacket’s versatility makes styling outfit after outfit a piece of cake. Pair the boxy fit with the uber feminine Fiorella Baneberry midi dress and black ankle boots for an effortlessly smart look. Bright mustard is the colour of the season and contrasts well with the Louche Koto’s blue and white graphic stripes. Mixing patterns can be a dangerous game but we love how these two look together, especially with the Louche Leah floral drop earrings, as they tie the cool and warm tones in the outfit together wonderfully. You’ll look polished enough for Grandma and cool enough for your Insta followers. Win, win.

    What do you think of our three looks? We hope that they have inspired you to give the versatile Louche Koto a go and to experiment with your wardrobe a bit more. If you do style the Louche Koto we would love to see it! Post your looks on Instagram with the hashtage #mykoto so we can like and repost your gorgeous outfits on our feed!

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  3. Happy International Women's Day

    Happy International Women's Day

    Every year on the 8th of March the world celebrates International Women’s Day and this year the Joy team wanted to join in and celebrate the women online that bring us joy every day. We strive to celebrate women every day of the year not just on the 8th of March but we couldn’t resist the opportunity to shine a spotlight on two of our favourites. Jess Marriner (@abrunetteedit) and Maria Larkin (@thatgirlwiththebob) are as obsessed with fashion as we are and create inspiring content regularly on their Instagrams. We asked both of them a few questions about female empowerment and what being a woman means to them. Take a look at their answers below!

    JESS MARRINER @abrunetteedit

    What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

    International women’s day to me means celebrating and thanking the amazing women in my life that bring a smile to my face, bring me up when I’m down and are there for me whatever the distance or time between us. Those women who you can turn up on their doorstep on the darkest of times and no words are needed, they put the kettle on, listen to your woes and help you put the world to rights.

    Celebrate yourself and your achievements for a moment. What are you proud of?

    My proudest achievement as a woman had to be raising my 7 year old daughter to be a kind, thoughtful and inspirational young women who cares so much about how other people feel and how she can make them smile (this is why she was Little Miss Sunshine for world book day!) How do you support the women around you? Women supporting women is so important to build community and kindness especially in the world of social media. ‘Have friends that applause not bring you down’ is so true and I think it’s all too easy to stop celebrating other people’s success and only focus on our own goals. Cheer on the women in your life, share their successes and in turn your community grows stronger.

    What do you wear to feel extra confident?

    Rocking a red lip is my key to confidence! If you are too scared to go bold with colour try it out and I promise you’ll feel like you are owning the day!

    How do you treat yourself?

    My own way of treating myself is through self care. I feel very passionate about women being able to love and enjoy beauty and not be ‘pigeon holed or labelled’ for doing so. People are always surprised when I say I’m a social worker - yes I have a serious job which is worlds away from the beauty and lifestyle industry but I can also appreciate and indulge in beauty without it undermining my chosen career. Putting a slick of Chanel coco rouge on in the morning is part of my ‘let’s do this’ routine and gives me that extra boost of confidence to know I can achieve whatever I put my mind too!

    MARIA LARKIN @thatgirlwiththebob

    ** Dress coming to stores online in April

    What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

    A day for celebrating women and their achievements across the globe and an opportunity to make real change towards equality for women especially in countries where the rights we take for-granted are still being fought for.

    What woman comes to mind when you hear the words ‘badass babe’?

    A strong inspirational woman. Someone who’s not afraid to stand up for either themselves or give a voice to those who need it most regardless of the consequences.

    If you could change one thing for women in the world right now what would it be?

    Equality from an early age and access to schooling and education for all girls.

    Celebrate yourself and your achievements for a moment. What are you proud of?

    Working hard in my career and achieving my goals but most of all being mum to my two gorgeous girls and watching them grow.

    How do you support the women around you?

    By being there for each other through thick and thin. One of my favourite quotes is; ‘Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.’ (Vivian Greene) For me this sums up the foundation of all good friendships.

    What outfit do you rock to feel extra confident?

    I love my biker jacket and throw it over the top of jeans and dresses. It always makes me feel good!

    Name your favourite feminist.

    Michelle Obama - in her own words; “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.”

    What is your favourite thing about yourself? and/or your body?

    Probably my hair. I hated it when I was younger but now I’ve learnt how to manage it I love that it’s so thick – although it’s still a nightmare in any humidity! How do you treat yourself? I love a lazy day with my family or lunch with friends. My other fav treats or pick me ups are shopping or a pilates class and my ultimate treat is a spa day but they don’t come around very often!!

    Aren’t they both just fab? Go and check out their Instagram feeds for more inspiring content. International Women’s Day is a great day to support the women you know but also the women you don’t. Support can be as small as following your favourite gal on Instagram or buying something from a woman owned business. We hope you have an amazing International Women’s Day and have fun celebrating the power of woman.

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