Guest Blogger: Grace Latter shares the JOY

This week's post comes in the form of a guest post from one of our favourite JOY ladies, Grace Latter from Almost Amazing Grace. It's so interesting to hear about how her style has changed since shaving her head, and it's so lovely to see how our jewellery and clothing look so gorgeous on her. Read on...

One evening in March this year, at one of my favourite cafes in my home town, surrounded by friends, all of us with a cocktail in hand, I had my head shaved for charity. I raised over £4,000 to help The Brain Tumour Charity fund their invaluable research into curing brain tumours. I also raised £500 for local charity Counselling Plus, so they can continue to help others in their struggles with mental health. Shaving my head seemed the least I could do, and actually quite appropriate for my chosen charities – by making this big change to the outside of my head, I was (hopefully) helping countless others with the inside

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