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  1. The Joy of Food: Recipe of the Month

    The Joy of Food: Recipe of the Month

    With the nights getting colder, a hearty recipe like this Kerala Cauliflower Curry is a perfect warming dish even for the most dedicated carnivores. A perfect meal for two, or just double the quantities to share with friends for a cosy night in...

    15 Minute Vegan shows that vegan cooking doesn't have to be complicated or boring; these tasty, quick and simple recipes are great if you're looking to make the change in your diet, or are simply looking for a speedy and delicious meal!

    Discover more great recipes in 15 Minute Vegan and our other recipe books online and in stores.

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  2. Create Your Joy Capsule Wardrobe

    Create Your Joy Capsule Wardrobe

    Fashion is forever changing; there are so many styles, colours, cuts and trends, it can be difficult to keep up with it all! Well for those of you in need of help, we're here with some wardrobe advice. Creating a capsule wardrobe simply means choosing pieces that you love, that you can mix and match, and work well together. It can make getting dressed in the mornings so simple, giving you effortless style, every day.

    Your capsule wardrobe trousers don't have to be boring! Our JAYLO WEAVE and ICHI KATE styles are perfect examples of versatile and comfortable pieces, great for work or evening. Our culottes have a subtle hint of yellow, adding a playful element, and the Jaylo Weave skinny style are navy, a great alternative to black, and can be worn with anything.

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  3. Podcasts We're Loving

    Podcasts We're Loving

    Ever felt like your life is so full of ‘stuff’ that you can’t think clearly? The Minimalists are here to help! Josh and Ryan tell us about their lives as ‘Minimalists’ and their journey from corporate consumerists to how they now live a meaningful life, with less. They cover every aspect of Minimalism with a broadminded attitude, from people, to diet to clothing to travel. They engage in thoughtful discussions and offer pithy answers to listener questions, proving that Minimalism can benefit us all.

    If you haven’t heard of Emma Gannon by now, then where have you been? She’s written her own books, runs her own blog and guested on radio shows and

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  4. JOY Customer Style - Celebrating You!

    JOY Customer Style - Celebrating You!

    We've said it before and we'll say it again, we love seeing you share the JOY! Our monthly roundup is back for August with more of your amazing outfits.

    Next time you find yourself in your favourite JOY piece, make sure to take a picture and share it with us! Use the hashtag #sharethejoy and you could be one of our next customer style favourites…

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  5. Bike Friendly Outfits

    Bike Friendly Outfits

    There’s no denying that being outdoors in the warm weather brings out the JOY in everyone, and can be a much needed break from overdosing on screen time. With busy schedules and constant social media updates, one of our favourite ways to refresh our minds and bodies is by hopping on our bikes and cycling. Whether it’s your daily commute or a once-in-while weekend ride, there are no end to the benefits of cycling.

    With cycle to work day on the 15th August, we’ve put together our recommendations for our favourite cycles, and a few stylish yet practical outfit suggestions!

    Tokyo Bikes

    Designed for ‘comfort over speed’, Tokyo bikes are lightweight, easy to ride and gorgeously chic. In a huge range of colours, these cool cycles will take you around the city with absolute ease. Perfect for a short cycle to work or Saturday morning cycles round the park!

    What to Wear

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