1. Blogger Round-up: Our 6 faves

    Blogger Round-up: Our 6 faves

    This week we’ve been blessed with bloggers repping and writing about our product, which we are super excited about! So, to celebrate we thought we’d pay it forward and show some love to our wonderful supporters.

    Note: We’ve added links to all the blogs so make sure you sign up and/or follow them to get the hottest fashion, style and life updates.

    Almost Amazing Grace

    Long time blogger and full time friend of JOY, Grace from Almost Amazing Grace is pretty fab! A self confessed book worm and coffee addict she’s a woman on a mission – follow her story of identity and personal growth, as well as her fundraising efforts HERE. Grace surprised us this week with a lovely article about JOY and how we’re her fave spot to shop – talk about a compliment! On the blog she wears one of our fave summer pieces the Louche Simone Dress, check it out NOW (psst, it’s on sale so get it quick).

    Call me Amy

    Amy describes herself as an indoor plant and coffee fanatic, and we can all relate right? Amy’s blog is filled with fashion (yay!), renovating advice and life lessons. Her latest post focus on the perception of the word ‘nice’ and the lovely compliments she received while wearing our Louche Birte Flower Printed Dress, check it out NOW.

    Made Up Style

    Cool and crafty – Anna from Made Up Style has an eye for design! When she’s not designing textiles you can find her blogging about fashion and lust-worthy interiors, drinking tea and dreaming of travel spots to warmer destinations. Wearing our Louche Sidra Spot Jumpsuit Anna writes about how to style the summer fave, check the article out HERE.


    Gillian from Elevatormusik creates an Instagram feed that only dreams are made of. Not only is she a social wizz she also creates oh-so-pretty outfit posts, which we were lucky enough to be featured in. Read her ‘Styling a Midi Dress’ post where she wears the Carla Red Midi Dress, available HERE.

    Jess Who

    Jess has recently taken a life leap and set herself up as a full time freelancer. If you’re in need of some work advice, style advice or some professional digital marketing skillz then she’s your gal! Jess recently spoke about ‘5 lessons she’s learnt being a freelancer’ whilst wearing our Louche Sidra Spot Jumpsuit, check it out NOW.

    Beth Sandland Blog

    Beth – the blogger you want to add to your friends list. This stylish 20-something is more than a fashion blogger, she’s studying law, works in customer service and has a photography freelance gig she runs on the side. How she does it all we will never know, but damn we’re impressed. Her posts although trendy and style focused also go a little deeper, in a recent article she discusses the idea of ‘the girl gang’ and how friendship differs from person to person. Beth wears the Louche Chantal Heart Print Midi Dress, shop it HERE.

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  2. We’ve got that holiday feeling

    We’ve got that holiday feeling

    The sun is finally out and boy oh boy are we Brits ready for it. Parks are full of people, picnics and bare bodies (let’s hope they slapped on some factor 50), drinks are being had in every beer garden and shops are filled with fashionistas bulking up their summer wardrobes.

    But despite the sun shining and birds chirping here in Britain, we know you’re all thinking “Where else in the world can I escape to?!”. So, because we also love to indulge in a daydream we’ve put together a holiday lust list – get your suitcase packed and your drink at the ready.

    Fez, Morocco

    The city of Fez is full of life and history. Walk through alleys of colour and culture while being tempted with an array of aromatic foods.

    Flight time: 7h 45m from Heathrow

    Currency: Dirham (Dh)

    Daily costs: Cheap and cheerful is possible, aim for Dh500.

    Dubrovnik, Croatia

    You can expect sun and sand, right our job is done. Seriously though, this has to be on your 2018 travel list. Wander through Old Town, explore baroque buildings or just laze on the sand.

    Flight time: 3h 50m from Heathrow

    Currency: Kuna (KN)

    Daily costs: Mid range starts from 700KN

    Porto, Portugal

    As pretty as a postcard, Porto has a skyline that cannot be beat. Lonely Planet describes the city as “humble-yet-opulent”. Spend the day at seafood markets or enjoy an evening of wine and cheese.

    Flight time: 4h 45m from Heathrow

    Currency: Euro (€)

    Daily costs: Top end isn’t too bad, aim for €200

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  3. JOY Spotlight: Julie – Assistant Designer

    JOY Spotlight: Julie – Assistant Designer

    With more and more restaurants, products and brands going vegan we thought we’d chat to our lovely assistant designer Julie about the lifestyle and what drew her to it. 


    What got you interested in veganism and what sparked you to make the change?

    I’ve always been passionate about the environment and then in 2016 I decided to go vegetarian for Lent. I loved it and didn’t look back! As my interest grew around this new lifestyle and as I researched and became more aware of the health, environmental and social impacts I decided to push myself again and the following year and went vegan.

    What’s your fave day of food look like?

    Breakfast: Nush Yogurt with coconut chips, omega 3 seed mix and chopped banana.

    Lunch: Homemade Minestrone Soup or Avocado on Sourdough

    Dinner: Temple of Seitan in Camden – It’s a must for vegan fast food! 

    Dessert: Candy Kittens' lollies, the Blueberry Bliss flavor is my absolute favourite!  


    What are your three favourite green beauty products?

    1. Inika – I swear by their foundation, bronzer and mascara!

    2. Source of Nature for face wash and general day-to-day products

    3. For beauty products I can’t go past Neal’s Yard Remedies


    Veganism connects so well with sustainability, working as a designer what positive changes do you think the fashion industry are making?


    I was really grateful to have gone to University of the Arts: London College of Fashion, where the womenswear degree had a huge focus on sustainability, students were encouraged to learn more about the future of fashion and how they could make a positive impact. There was also a competition that the university ran with Stella McCartney, designers who created a sustainable end of year collection could win an internship with the brand – this was huge and such an amazing opportunity!

    Fur free:

    Thankfully over the last few years there has been a push to completely eradicate fur from our runways. We still have a long way to go but it’s a movement I can get behind! 

    The High Street:

    I think consumers are becoming more aware which is helping to push the High Street to make significant changes to their businesses, for example ethical capsule collections. These small changes can make a huge impact. 

    What tips do you have for other people wanting to become vegan?

    1. Keep on top of documentaries and articles on Veganism, it really helps your decision seem more worthwhile and understand better on why you’re making the change. I recommend the docoumentary What the Health and reading How Not To Die by Dr Michael Greger.

    2. Stay accountable, check the Vegan Calculator online so you can see the difference you’re making.

    3. Check for Palm Oil. I’ve noticed lots of vegan products still have Palm Oil in them – for me I don’t consider those products vegan.

    4.  Buy pre-owned or try source sustainable clothing, a lot of highstreet brands are now launching sustainable capsule collections. Or if you can, make your own clothes, I source fabrics from Cloth House on Berwick street which have a great range of high-quality organic and sustainable fabrics. 
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  4. City Breaks

    City Breaks

    It’s been a week since the Easter Bank holiday and if you’re anything like us you’d be feeling sad and sorry for yourself! So, to brighten up your day and ours we’re focusing on the city escapes we can have in our own backyards. So get ready to repeat the festivities of last weekend – eat, drink and inhale chocolate (because, well, delish!).


    Eat: Duck & Waffle 

    In the mood to impress? Then take your pals to Duck & Waffle, located on the 40th floor, the views of London are unforgettable, second to their brunch of course – obviously the waffles are a must.

    Drink: The Blues Kitchen 

    Booze and blues, sounds alright! Known for their live music and with three locos (Brixton, Shoreditch and Camden) you can’t go wrong with The Blues Kitchen.

    See and do: God’s Own Junk Yard 

    All of the lights, all of the lights – step into Chris Bracey’s bright world of neon signs and retro movie displays. Wander through the coloured collection and then head to The Rolling Scones Cafe.


    Eat: CHOMP 

    It’s all about the steak. We could say more, but we won’t. You just have to try it.

    Drink: Hyde & Co 

    MUST VISIT: Every city has their secret spot and Hyde & Co is Bristol’s. This secretive cocktail bar is hard to find, only a bowler hat sign leads the way. Once you ring the bell and are invited in, wander over to the bookcase. Pick the right book and a secret room will reveal itself to you.

    See and do: Bristol Tandem Hire 

    Tandem bike touring has never been cooler, are we right? Discover the city of colour and culture with your best mate behind you all the way – supportive friends are the best.


    Eat: Matou

    We might be getting too ahead of ourselves but it’s meant to be Spring, right? Perched above the Mersey Ferry Terminal Building is Matou, an amazing pan Asian restaurant. Enjoy the view under the sun.

    Drink: Black Lodge Brewing 

    It ain’t cheap but it’s worth the treat! The Black Lodge Brewery make some of best drops in all of Liverpool, we have no doubt you’ll be taste testing them all.

    See and do: Ghetto Golf 

    Looking for something a little different to do this Friday night? Hit up Ghetto Golf, formally a brewery this space has a major cool factor. There’s also a cocktail bar outside so you’re sweet for the night.

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