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  1. JOY's Top 10: Summer Films

    JOY's Top 10: Summer Films


    It's the middle of summer! At's supposed to be.

    The weather's a tiny bit hit-and-miss in the UK right now, like always, but the odd drizzle here and there won't stop us from dreaming of sun, sea and sand! Here at JOY Head Office we're a sucker for a good holiday movie. That's why we've put together 10 of our favourites; from innocent Disneys to bloody thrillers, you could say we're an eclectic bunch. Have a scroll through our top summer films and see how easy it is to replicate some of the iconic looks!


    Almost Famous (2009)

    almost famous

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  2. The JOY Way: Carry On Packing

    The JOY Way: Carry On Packing


    You’re always desperate for a shower, the tube smells even more than normal, and your fan’s been on for 105 consecutive hours. Summer’s definitely here. For the lucky few who are managing to escape the sticky and humid heat of the UK, we’ve put together our best tips to help deal with the stress of packing. More specifically, fitting everything into just your hand luggage. There’s nothing worse than having to pay extra because your suitcase is 0.2kg over the limit, or constantly battling with the reclaim belt. And what you save by not checking luggage, you can u

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