1. JOY's Top 10: Summer Films

    JOY's Top 10: Summer Films


    It's the middle of summer! At least...it's supposed to be.

    The weather's a tiny bit hit-and-miss in the UK right now, like always, but the odd drizzle here and there won't stop us from dreaming of sun, sea and sand! Here at JOY Head Office we're a sucker for a good holiday movie. That's why we've put together 10 of our favourites; from innocent Disneys to bloody thrillers, you could say we're an eclectic bunch. Have a scroll through our top summer films and see how easy it is to replicate some of the iconic looks!


    Almost Famous (2009)

    almost famous

    Minkpink Wild Hearts Top // Louche Luvy Suedette Mini Skirt

    almost famous outfit


    Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

    forgetting sarah marshall

    Joy Austin Cut-Out Shoulder Top // Louche Luxe Joyous Triangle Jacquard Skirt

    Untitled design


    Summertime (1955)


    Neon Rose Button Back Swing Cami // Louche Santina Pleated Midi Skirt

    Untitled design (2)



    Stand By Me (1986)

    Film and Television

    Louche Micala Nautical Scoop Tee // Urban Bliss Marie Embroidered Jeans // Louche Perrie Backpack

    stand by me outfit


    South Pacific (1958)

    south pacific

    Louche Monika Neck Tie Top // Valley of the Dolls Quenby Drawstring Shorts

    Untitled design (1)


    Roman Holiday (1953)

    roman holiday

    Louche Flowella Flamingo Scarf // Valley of the Dolls Moran Embroidered Frill Top // Louche Kamea Pleated Satin Midi

    roman holiday outfit


    Lilo & Stitch (2002)


    Minkpink Tacos and Tequila Crop Top // Neon Rose Eyelet Denim Skirt

    lilo and stitch outfit


    Jaws (1975)


    Louche Aphrodite Swimsuit // Urban Bliss Olivia Dungaree

    jaws outfit


    Forrest Gump (1994)


    Joy Austin Ditsy Print Cut-Out Shoulder Top // Louche Luxe Betula Net Midi Skirt

    forrest gump outfit


    Dirty Dancing (1987)

    dirty dancing

    HYMN Grimley Shirt // Joy Steve Jeans

    dirty dancing outfit

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  2. The JOY Way: Carry On Packing

    The JOY Way: Carry On Packing


    You’re always desperate for a shower, the tube smells even more than normal, and your fan’s been on for 105 consecutive hours. Summer’s definitely here. For the lucky few who are managing to escape the sticky and humid heat of the UK, we’ve put together our best tips to help deal with the stress of packing. More specifically, fitting everything into just your hand luggage. There’s nothing worse than having to pay extra because your suitcase is 0.2kg over the limit, or constantly battling with the reclaim belt. And what you save by not checking luggage, you can use to have even more fun when you’re away. Win, win!



    Everyone’s prone to packing-procrastination, don’t deny it! Before you know it, you need to leave for the airport in an hour and everything’s still covering your bed. All you need to do is plan properly – make a good old-fashioned list on pen and paper, and tick everything off as you go. Launder early, find the travel adapter in advance, you’ll be fine.

    flowers& plantsMetal Retro Pens // Oh K! 50/50 Pencils



    No one cares what you look like at the airport. Trust us. It’s the security line, not fashion week! Everyone just wants to get on a plane and get out of there, so when it comes to your travel outfit, practicality is key. Wear your comfiest and bulkiest clothes to travel – not only will you save space in your bag, but your skinny jeans won’t be cutting off your circulation for 3+ hours. Opt for a simple tee, loose trousers, and comfy trainers. You’ll thank us later!

    flowers& plants (1)Minkpink Galah Cockatoo Tee // Joy Solen Geo Print Culottes


    3. ROLL IT UP

    Now for the big one: the rest of your clothes. Lightweight materials like satin and viscose are your best friends here – they take up the least amount of room and it’s super easy to get the creases out. A couple of camis, a lightweight skirt or shorts for the day, and a dress or two for dinner is all you need! A bikini and a swimsuit to swap between and you’re set. Roll rather than fold your clothes to save even more space!

    Instagram Template July (8)Louche Luxe Kinsey Cami // Louche Niobi Bikini
    Louche Fortuna Floral Swimsuit // Louche Quenby Bird Print Shorts



    We’ve all been there – trying to ram our countless liquids and potions into a tiny sandwich bag, just for them to explode mid-flight. But what’s the one thing you’re sure to never leave the hotel without? Samples. In fact, your hotel probably has tonnes of things that you didn’t know about; chargers, toothbrushes, tampons, everything! You can save so much space in your hand luggage if you just wait till you get to your room! But if you’re a stickler for skincare and want to stay hydrated during the flight, a simple facemask will do the trick!

    Untitled designOh K! Black Sesame Hydrogel Mask // Oh K! Snail Sheet Mask


    And there you have it; our top tips to pack everything into your hand luggage! Not as difficult as you first thought, right? Now stop trying to drag the dusty suitcases out of the loft – you’ve got a holiday to get excited for!

    The JOY Holiday Shop is live right now! Head on over to fill up your suitcase and...psssstttt, you can get 20% off swimwear with code SWIM20!


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