1. Competition time! Win an amazing 8-day holiday to the Yukon in northwest Canada

    Competition time! Win an amazing 8-day holiday to the Yukon in northwest Canada



    We love our customers, and we know what our customers love. So we really enjoy the chance to give you more of what you want, from sales to promos, and even – wait for it – AMAZING COMPETITIONS.

    To show you how much you mean to us, we’ve now partnered with Tourism Yukon and North America Travel Service to give you the opportunity to enter a competition to win an 8-day holiday to the Yukon, in stunning northwest Canada.

    The lucky winner and guest will enjoy return flights from London to Yukon, car rental for the duration and 4 nights in Whitehorse, known as the Wilderness City and surrounded by rugged mountains and pristine lakes.This will be followed by a drive along the scenic Alaskan Highway to Jakes Corner, where a boat transfer will take you to Tagish Wilderness Lodge for a 3-night stay. This remote lodge is nestled in the vast spruce forests and mountains of Tagish Plateau. Guests can take a panoramic hike, an interpretive nature walk or grab a canoe and paddle along the shores of Tagish Lake with plenty of opportunity to observe local wildlife like moose, bears or caribous in their natural habitat!

    How to enter? Well, it’s reeeeeally simple. Click on the ENTER NOW button below, and you’ll be taken to our competition page, where you simply enter your details. GOOD LUCK!



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  2. Sarah Powell talks MUMS: Mother's Day Special

    Sarah Powell talks MUMS: Mother's Day Special


    We <3 Sarah Powell. She's brilliant, she's a much-loved radio and TV presenter, and her fringe gives us all enormous henvy (hair envy). Here she is, guest blogging for JOY for a second time this year, telling us all about why mums are just totally amazing. 


    Sarah Powell Mother's Day Sarah with her mum, June. You go, June!


    My mum, June, gets talked about a lot on the podcast I do with my friend Jules. Every week we crack up at something else she’s done. Last week it was her buying a ramp to get the dog into the car and her accidentally buying a metre-long kebab knife online. This week Jules and I have done a Mother’s Day special where we celebrate our mothers in all their glory. We talk about our favourite thing to do with our mums (mine is watching Corrie) and what their party piece is. June is very musical; she can play the violin, piano and all sorts. Her latest performance piece is to play Greensleeves on a very small piccolo recorder, which she can’t do without making herself laugh.


    Mums are hilarious. Everyone I know has at least three funny stories about something their mum has done. When my sister and I were little we used to tap dance. We weren’t great at it but we were enthusiastic and had leotards which made us feel the part. We couldn’t really practise at home because everything was carpeted, so June used to give us giant trays to tap dance on. There we were in the living room, tap dancing on trays and bizarrely wearing old hats from our grandmothers. We thought this was completely normal.


    Some of the funniest people I know are Mums. The Scummy Mummies have made a whole series of podcasts and live comedy shows talking about funny things that have happened to them and their friends since they became Mums. They have now written a book full of very funny real life Mummy confessions. One of my favourites is “I once tried on my daughter’s Elsa dress and got stuck. She was furious. I started laughing, which made the dress rip. In the end, I had to cut myself out of it.”


    We know our mothers love and support us; we know we wouldn’t be the people we are without them. We also know they are daft, slightly mad and do funny things. So, this Mother’s Day let’s celebrate our mums, for their love and support and also for their eccentricities. JOY have got some amazing presents that aren’t chocolates or flowers or teddies holding cushions. They’ve got a Grow Your Own Wine set, cooling Panda eye pads, a trinket dish with a mermaid on it and my personal favourite, a pineapple plant pot. Everyone’s mum is a bit odd and a bit quirky so I think we should get them something that celebrates that. And if you’re reading this and you are a mum, buy yourself something AMAZING. And have a very large glass of wine. Mums, thanks for everything, but mainly thank you for making us laugh.

    Sarah Powell Mother's Day JOY Sarah's top JOY picks for Mother's Day



    Sarah Powell co-hosts Jules and Sarah The Podcast which is out every Friday on acast, and you can find Sarah on Twitter & Instagram @ThisSarahPowell


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