Monthly Archives: June 2016

  1. Meet the maker: Infruition's Nitesh Sharoff


    If you haven't come across Infruition, you've been seriously missing out. We're just a little bit obsessed with these fruit infusing water bottles - with a range of colours to choose from and a whole website full of seriously delicious detoxing recipes to inspire you, who knew staying hydrated could be so enjoyable?

    We caught up with co-founder Nitesh Sharoff to find out more about his west London-based brand and the idea behind it.


    Q. What's your background?

    A. I studied electronic engineering – but I’m an inventor at heart. The company was launched 4 y

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  2. Your Glastonbury survival kit


    Going to Glastonbury? Us too! Yay! (If we're honest, that's a slightly apprehensive yay. That mud looks aggressive.)

    Whether you're a seasoned Worthy Farm reveler or a Pyramid Stage newb, your most important consideration is making sure the experience is as drama-free (read: dry) as possible. This year, that could be challenging. Our survival kit is here to help!


    1. A decent raincoat


    It's going to rain. It just is. So why not invest in a raincoat that you actually like? That way you'll be dying

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  3. Meet the designer: Wolf & Moon


    We're super excited to be stocking a range of delicate handmade pieces by East London-based jewellery brand Wolf & Moon. We caught up with Hannah Davis, the super talented designer behind the label, to talk about her work and the creative process....


    Q. What made you choose the name Wolf & Moon?

    One of the first pieces I ever made was a brooch that featured a wolf and moon – I wanted to choose a brand name that reflected my interest in nature and I liked that Wolf & Moon also sounded like two people’s names!  I often get asked who is Wolf and who is Moon, but they’re both me!


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