1. Meet the maker: Infruition's Nitesh Sharoff


    If you haven't come across Infruition, you've been seriously missing out. We're just a little bit obsessed with these fruit infusing water bottles - with a range of colours to choose from and a whole website full of seriously delicious detoxing recipes to inspire you, who knew staying hydrated could be so enjoyable?

    We caught up with co-founder Nitesh Sharoff to find out more about his west London-based brand and the idea behind it.


    Q. What's your background?

    A. I studied electronic engineering – but I’m an inventor at heart. The company was launched 4 years ago, with the time spent researching, and developing many, many, many, products. It’s our Infruition water bottle range that I’m most proud of. It solves the everyday problem of increasing water intake – but helping do it in a really fun way.

    Q. How did you come up with Infruition?

    A. Having decided what challenge we were trying to solve, the concept almost wrote itself. We spent a long time creating prototypes – and testing to the nth degree with a wide cross section of consumers. When we were happy that we’d got a concrete idea – we worked with product designers to bring the concept to life – in a viable, high quality way that was available in many forms and sizes.

    Q. Who or what inspires you?

    A. Having been brought up in Spain – Antoni Gaudi’s incredible designs became synonymous. You could be walking down any street in Barcelona – and it would be so recognisable if something was designed/influenced by him. That’s what I want for each product we invent. I want people to recognise our products – even if they were to be seen unbranded. I feel the same about Banksy. You don’t need to know him. But you’ll never not recognise his work.

    Q. What's your work ethos?

    A. I’m visionary. But I also like to dissect, test, improve, test, improve and test again. Nothing can be good without solving a problem/serving a purpose – ultimately making lives easier.

    Q. What do you think will be the Next Big Thing?

    A. So many things – but sugary drinks are on the way out. People are becoming savvier about what they consume, so we can’t wait to see how these giant drink manufacturers respond.


    Shop Infruition bottles online at JOY by clicking on this link.


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  2. Your Glastonbury survival kit


    Going to Glastonbury? Us too! Yay! (If we're honest, that's a slightly apprehensive yay. That mud looks aggressive.)

    Whether you're a seasoned Worthy Farm reveler or a Pyramid Stage newb, your most important consideration is making sure the experience is as drama-free (read: dry) as possible. This year, that could be challenging. Our survival kit is here to help!


    1. A decent raincoat


    It's going to rain. It just is. So why not invest in a raincoat that you actually like? That way you'll be dying for a downpour so you can dig it out and don it to hide all your gross clothes!


    2. A lobster lilo


    OK no, we're kidding. Kind of? What would have simply made a snazzy bed in warmer weather will now double up as an essential mode of transport as you float aloft the mud canals between stages.


    3. A hip flask


    When your wellies are flooded and your tent has sunk into the quagmire, turn to humanity's oldest known survival aid: hard liquor. Fill this nifty little hip flask with your tipple of choice and swig your way through it all.

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  3. Meet the designer: Wolf & Moon


    We're super excited to be stocking a range of delicate handmade pieces by East London-based jewellery brand Wolf & Moon. We caught up with Hannah Davis, the super talented designer behind the label, to talk about her work and the creative process....


    Q. What made you choose the name Wolf & Moon?

    One of the first pieces I ever made was a brooch that featured a wolf and moon – I wanted to choose a brand name that reflected my interest in nature and I liked that Wolf & Moon also sounded like two people’s names!  I often get asked who is Wolf and who is Moon, but they’re both me!


    Q. Who is the Wolf & Moon girl?

    The Wolf & Moon girl is bold, playful with her style and loves to wear something a little bit different.


    Q. What inspires you?

    So much! Travel, nature, architecture, patterns, interior design and experimenting with form, colour and texture.


    Q. What are the influences behind your latest collection?

    I recently travelled to Barcelona and was inspired by the beautiful architecture and Mediterranean colour palette.


    Q. Describe your creative process...

    I usually start with an idea – most often this will either be a shape, texture or style.  I get drawing onto paper and transfer these onto Adobe Illustrator. Then I bring out the colour samples and start playing with colours/textures.  Once I have a draft ready on the computer I start the sampling process until I’m totally happy with the designs.


    Q. How do you push through a creative block?

    Luckily I don’t often get a creative block! But when I do, I would take some time to travel or go for a walk.  I often love to visit the Barbican centre and sit in the café drawing.


    Q. What’s the vibe like in your studio?

    In the workshop, it’s a really great atmosphere – we listen to podcasts or playlists and sit around a big central table so everyone can still be sociable. We have a separate office located in a large shared workspace alongside other creative businesses and artists - this is great because we can network and gain lots of knowledge from the people around us.

    studio 2

    studio 3

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