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  1. 5 Ways To Make The Most Of The Bank Holiday


    1. Treat yourself to a payday splurge

    You’ve just been paid and have not just two, but three whole days to go nuts and run your bank balance into the ground. If you can’t face the crowds, cruise through the JOY store online from the comfort of your couch and take advantage of £10 off many of your favourite styles.


    2. Watch the Canalway Cavalcade in Little Venice (W2, Sat: 10am - 6pm, Sun: 10am - 6pm, 8pm - 10.30pm,
    Mon: 10am - 5pm. Free entry.)


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  2. Urban Jungle

    Going to see the Jungle Book this weekend? We are – and we don’t even have the excuse of excitable children to take with us. It just looks that good. In honour of one of our favourite ever childhood movies getting a high tech remake, we’ve picked out our most tropical finds to give you a taste of the (urban) jungle…


    1. Swiss Cheese Plant Cushion, £25.00

    Silly name for a plant, but a seriously great cushion. Made from 100% cotton canvas with soft-touch embroidery, it's a nifty way to bring the outdoors indoors - even if your fingers are anything but green.



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  3. 4 Ways to Mark The Queen's 90th Birthday

    The Queen turns 90 today. 90! Confusingly, she has two birthdays: her actual birthday and her official one. This is the actual one. She is actually 90. Regardless of whether you’re a royalist or not, that seems like an age worth noting. Here are 4 ways to toast the UK’s most famous now-nonagenarian…


    1. Slip into a tea dress and pour yourself a fancy brew

    What’s more British than a nice cup of tea? Nothing, except the Queen. The Royal household takes afternoon tea every day, so don some appropriate garb and celebrate accordingly.

     Louche Sweetpea Blossom Dress, £49.00


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  4. What To Do When You're #NotAtCoachella


    So Coachella kicks off today and if you, like us, will be watching festival festivities unfold from the temperate zone of your living room (again), maybe you could do with a little something to look forward to closer to home.

    Slip into something slinky and turn up the heat with our hot picks of cool things to do in London this weekend…

    1. Model Market (Friday, 5pm – 1am, SE13)

    The South London version of Dalston foodie institution Street Feast pops up in Lewisham tonight with a wide range of tasty bites to try. Channel Cali cuisine with over the top burgers and fresh vegan Mexican fare and while away a brilliant, if not so balmy, evening sip

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  5. Hold your horses!

    Whether you’re cruising around the course or channel surfing on the couch, one of the highlights of racing season is always the style. In honour of the Grand National this weekend, we’ve rounded up our top runners and paired them with fetlocked friends from the Louche Luxe occasion wear stables.


    Many Clouds (7/1) - Camber (£79)

    A real frontrunner for duller days. This nifty little number in vibrant lemon zest is all set to blast the blues (and greys) away far beyond the finish line.

    LOUCHE SS16138127


    Wonderful Charm (50/1) –

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