1. On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

    If you didn't know already, today marks the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls. Written by the impossibly hilarious Tina Fey, this film taught us so much about friendships, social hierarchy, and the fail safe fashion rules that every girl should live by, as deemed by Regina George. Rule 1: Only Regina George Can Wear Hoop Earrings Sorry ladies, but unless you're name is Regina George, you are here by banned from rocking a hoop earring; they're her thing. Yes, that includes you Gretchen Weiners, even if your parents did buy you a really expensive pair in white gold. Untitled-2 Rule 2: You Should Only Wear Jeans Or Trackpants On Fridays ANY fashion gal worth her stuff knows that style comes first above all else, including comfort. You can have one day a week off though, so on Fridays it's okay to whip out your skinnies, or a nice pastel-coloured velour tracksuit, should the mood for lounge-wear take you. meangirls4 Rule 3: You Shouldn't Buy A Skirt Without Asking Your Friends First Obviously. Your galpals need final approval on all outfits purchased, particularly anything thigh-skimming. It's the same with guys too... like... you could think you'd like someone... but...you could be wrong. meangirls2 Rule 4: Underwear Can Be Outerwear Too Bra on show? Who even cares. Strut your stuff with confidence, girlfriend. You'll look totally FETCH. meangirls6 Rule 5: You Can't Wear A Tank Top Two Days In A Row Mix it up! You don't want to be caught wearing a tank for two days in a row. Why not try a skirt or some jeans maybe (although you might want to check out rules 2 and 3 first). meangirls3 Rule 6: You Can Only Wear Your Hair In A Pony Once A Week No Batiste-and-shove-it-up days, girls, you can only get away with that one time a week. We want to see fresh blow-drys all round. ponytail And Of Course...On Wednesdays You Should ALWAYS Wear Pink meangirls1 Only joking, we're not real life mean girls. We'd never deprive you of Batiste, hoop earrings and jeans! Although we do stand by Pink Wednesdays.
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  2. JOY's Favourite Victorias

    JOY's Favourite Victorias
    Have you heard the good news? JOY is coming to Victoria station! In celebration of our newest store, we're counting down our favourite Victorias, from sponge to Beckham via the Queen herself. Queen Victoria Coronated at just 18 in 1837, Queen Victoria is the UK's longest ever reigning monarch. She held the throne for an astounding 64 years, overseeing a huge amount of change in the UK. A woman of great power and grace, we love Queen Victoria for her enduring loyalty to her kingdom and husband, after Prince Albert passed away in 1861, she famously wore black for the rest of her reign. Immortalised with the image of her wearing a tiny crown and lavish veil, we also give her snaps for her courageous fashion efforts too. Victoria & Albert Museum Our favourite destination for a mooch London's V&A museum is renowned for its show-stopping exhibitions (read more about the latest exhibitions at the V&A).
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  3. Happy St George's Day!

    Happy St George's Day!
    Happy St. George's Day! In true patriotic style, we're celebrating this special day with a post about our favourite English things: The Spice Girls, The Royals, The Full English and a good old Afternoon Tea. The Spice Girls This girl power-obsessed Brit band took the world by storm in the mid 1990s. Over a decade since their split, still no chart-toppers can come close to the Spice Girls in our opinion. Buffalo Boots, The Posh Point and striped highlights; just three of our favourite things about Baby, Geri, Sporty, Ginger and Posh. Emma Bunton was our favourite of course (our Mums were our best friends too) so recreate the look with neon brights and playful accessories with the Louche Baptista top, Louche Flower bracelet and Louche Rice sunnies. The Full English There's no better way to start the weekend than with a traditional Full English - we love them! Double bacon, hash browns, fried eggs and beans; whatever your selection of choice, we can't start our weekends without one, washed down with a builder's of course. Sip your tea from a mighty Man Mug
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  4. Three Sweet Style Steals

    This Easter you can treat yourself to a sweet style fix, guilt-free! The more you spend the more you save with our Easter promotion, so now there's even more of a reason to spoil yourself rotten. 60over Festi-Ready:
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  5. Born Again: Our Favourite Celebrity Babes

    Born Again: Our Favourite Celebrity Babes
    In the spirit of Easter and all things new for spring, we're in the mood to celebrate our favourite celebrity newborns. From the all-important name-reveal, to Instagram pics of teeny designer outfits, there's nothing we don't love about these pint-sized celebs; they're a pretty adorable bunch of babes. Baby George (AKA Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge) I mean, who wasn't excited when the Royal baby finally arrived? Since his birth on the 22 July 2013, George has been bringing us endless JOY in an array of nautically-themed get-ups. Not technically a new born, but we couldn't do this blog post without him! Baby Buzz (AKA Buzz Michaelangelo Fletcher) Little one to former McFly front man Tom Fletcher and wife Giovanna, baby Buzz was welcomed into the world this March. With the best name we've ever heard (and the star of so many adorable snaps) he's the coolest baby around. And if you haven't seen the proud parents' video, From Bump To Buzz, yet, you need to watch it immediately. Too cute! Baby North (AKA North West) Maybe the most anticipated birth (after bonny baby George of course) of last year, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their first bab last July. After much speculation about the baby 'Dash's name, it was a relief when they revealed her unusual monkier to the world, and we could finally get on with our lives. Since, we've been enjoying Instagram snaps of baby North's growing designer wardrobe. Baby Eric (AKA Eric Philip Cowell) The music mogul and girlfriend Lauren Silverman's little one was born earlier this year on 14 February. With Sinitta as a godmother, we're slightly envious of baby Eric and his already growing circle of celebrity pals.  
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  6. Perfect Packing: The Holiday Edit

    Perfect Packing: The Holiday Edit
    To launch our latest collection La Dolce Vita
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  7. One Trophy Trouser - Three Ways!

    One Trophy Trouser - Three Ways!
    For SS14, if your trousers don
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  8. The Hero Cardigan

    hero Perfect for layering, super chic and easy to wear, the cute Louche Ivy Contrast is our hero cardigan for the season. Light grey marl with a cream border, this slim-fit saviour compliments this season
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  9. JOY girls have SS14 Style

    JOY girls have SS14 Style
    from left: Gina Homes, Roisin Crowe, Laura Forrester. Brand new, the Louche Oxford Bag is chic, practical and goes with almost EVERYTHING. To show off its hero status we asked three girls (we have mega girl crushes on) from the JOY team to style the bag to suit their look. With totally different, though equally rad personalities and style codes, we knew they
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  10. Flash Trend: Folk Fest

    Flash Trend: Folk Fest
    A perennial fashion fave, Folk is one trend that swings back around every few seasons. Spotted all over catwalks, designers including Valentino, Donna Karan and Anna Sui sent models sashaying down the runways, tassels and all. While denim, artisan trims and large prints remained, this season saw a fresh update with luxe fabrics and flashes of neon woven through. This season, at JOY, we're presenting our own take on this top trend. Firm favourites including embroidered shorts and white cotton blouses are given a new lease of life in contemporary cuts, and are perfect for all of your summer occasions when paired with fun
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