Monthly Archives: November 2013

  1. A JOYful Guide to the AMA Awards

    Last night, snuggled at home in our onesies, we watched live as the world

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  2. 15mins with Franco Manca

    Last Thursday JOY welcomed Bridget Hugo and Giuseppe Mascoli, masters of sour dough pizza and owners of hip restaurant Franco Manca to its Brixton store for a signing of their brand new book

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  3. Barber Ben's Movember Dos & Don'ts

    ben+may_profile As the days become shorter, mornings darker, and evenings colder, it can mean only one thing: Movember is upon us. It is at this delightful time of year that men around the world take the opportunity to make fools of themselves, all in the name of charity. Of course, as anyone who has ever attempted to grow a substantial amount of facial hair will tell you, it has its pitfalls; the itching, the patchy look, complaints from the Mrs (or Mr) every time you kiss, and the constant ribbing from colleagues and friends. These issues will last from day 1 to day 30. But, persevere friends, as the outcome can be incredibly worthwhile; many of you will realise that you can
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