Monthly Archives: August 2013

  1. Have you got the Horn: We Love Unicorns

    Once upon a time, when I was very small and cycling shorts were the pinnacle of style, I really wanted (and begged my parents) to get a pony. Now I

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  2. Floral Hype


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  3. Foraged Food: Blackberries

    When I walk around all of South London' s commons around this time each year, I am constantly surprised at at the wealth of blackberries available; that no one with the exception of myself seems to pick! When I was a child growing up in Wales we had to walk miles to find anything, lucky to fill a pint jug after a whole day. Today I can fill one in five minutes. So get out and forage... 20130816_111916_resized_1 (1) When you have your foraged fruit there is plenty you can do with it, and don't worry if you're not a cook. Here's an easy and delicious idea for you. Fill an old passata bottle a little more than half full,

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  4. HOME: Antonia Thomas talks to JOY about her Latest Dramatic Endeavour!

    Having waxed lyrical about Home, The Shed

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  5. JOY PR Girl: The Press Office Does AW13

    JOY PR Girl: The Press Office Does AW13

    It seems the Summer has only just got into full swing and yet here in the JOY Press Office, we

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  6. Theatre Fix: A Doll's House

    A DOLL'S HOUSE  by Ibsen

    Thursday night I saw Carrie Cracknell's wonderful production of Ibsen's A Doll's House at the Duke of Yorks .

    You may wonder how can you make a play that is 134 years old, and had so many productions new again? Well, Cracknell has pulled out all the stops.

    From Ian Macneil's inspired set which spins around to echo the frantic pace of Nora's home, rather like that of a hamster that her husband sometimes calls her! To the

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  7. Girl Friday: Madonna

    madonna (2)

    Strike a pose and get into the groove its Queen Madge

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  8. JOY PR Girl: Home at The Shed


    The PR and Marketing team were lucky enough to enjoy a theatre Thursday, courtesy of our creative partners: The Shed at the National Theatre.
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  9. This Aquapax a Punch

    Want water on the move but hate the idea of buying endless plastic bottles? Us too, so here at JOY HQ we

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