Monthly Archives: April 2011

  1. Crush: Michelle Williams

    We have always had a small girl-crush on Michelle Williams, and this has grown after seeing this gorgeous shoot for the new issue of Interview magazine. In beautiful collar adorned dresses, and her ice blonde cropped hair, she looks like the epitome of Scandinavian goddess.

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  2. So Excited!

    When we heard that Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley are planning to get back together this August to film 3 new episodes of Absolutely Fabulous, we squealed with happiness. We can admit with full pride that one reason why a number of us got into fashion, and PR especially was weirdly thanks to Patsy and Eddie!

    All we can say is - we cannot wait, and we want these Russian Dolls!


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  3. Nouveau Grunge

    For more clothing click...

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  4. Look but don't touch, and then drool...

    You all might have realised by now that we here at JOY HQ are avid fans of any form of cake, so when we heard about a whole exhibition dedicated to our guilty, we couldn't wait to share it with you!

    Tate & Lyle Sugars are hosting 'Let Them Eat Cake', an exhibition of cakes from a selection of renowned artists. There will be a Four & Twenty Blackbird's pie - Henry VIII's gift to his new wife Anne Boleyn, as well as baked up versions of modern Royal Wedding cakes such as Charles and Diana's and even one of Buckingham Palace!

    They are also running an exciting competition where two winners cakes

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  5. Our New Drink Crush

    With the temperatures rising, all of us here at JOY HQ craving a thirst-quenching drink. So when we heard about a brand new drink and snack store opening just round the corner from our Soho store, we made a little squeal of JOY. Bubbleology serves the amazingly inventive Bubble Tea. What is this I hear you ask!


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  6. Happy Birthday Dame Vivienne Westwood

    Happy 70th birthday to the Great Dame - Vivienne Westwood!

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  7. We <3 LiebeMarlene

    The amazingly adorable, Rhiannon at LiebeMarlene wore our Rosie Sailor Jacket in her latest post on her blog.

    Our JOY bloggers are avid readers of Rhiannon, (as you can see, we dreamed of dressing her a whole year ago) and always sigh at jealousy of the amazing road trips she and her boyfriend go on (the closest we get to a road trip is popping to the shop to get a can of diet coke!). Living in Atlanta, Georgia - it seems

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  8. Body Shape Special: Jessica

    Everyone - I would like to introduce you to Jessica. She has the body that women dream of, and lots of men swoon over. Everything about her is perfectly in proportion with the next thing - this means that she can get away with pretty much anything.

    The perfect way of showing off Jessica's perfect hourglass curves are with an adorable skirt that sits on the natural waistline, paired with a tucked in blouse - really defining the curves.


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  9. Wonderland | Cher Lloyd

    On the way to work this morning, our little JOY fairy very nearly choked on her double, skinny frappa-latte when she saw an image in the national free morning paper. The image was of Cher Lloyd, she of X Factor singing-rapping fame. She has been snapped for the new issue of fashion photography bible, Wonderland. We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw her scarlet red blunt bob and model pose!

    The theme for the new issue is Reality, and they couldn't have picked a greater subject.

    For more info on Wonderland magazine, just click me!

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  10. We LOVE Another|Loves

    We love this illustration that we found on Another|Loves (our new favourite website - after, of course!)

    Which iconic eyebrows are most like yours?


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