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These Are A Few Of Her Favourite Things: Sarah Powell


We're excited, delighted and pretty darn JOYful to have Sarah Powell, relentlessly witty radio and TV presenter, and her fabulous fringe, guest blogging for us today. Brighten our Monday, Sarah! 


Hello love! I’m Sarah Powell and I’m a presenter, a fringe owner and part woman, part tea. So because Mondays are rubbish, the very lovely people at JOY have asked me to share with you a few of the things that bring me joy and I said I’d be delighted. Also if you get yourself over to the JOY Instagram, I am doing a takeover of their story (I know their password, I feel very powerful) with some other brilliant things to make today more bearable.


First of all, tea. Let’s talk about tea. Tea can make everything better. I find things always look far more doable after you’ve had a cuppa. There’s also scientific research which reckons tea has antioxidants in it and can actually reduce stress levels so it’s an all-round winner. On a Monday I will probably stay in bed longer than I should and then have to choose between making a cup of tea or wearing eyeliner. Thankfully, I have now got myself one of those china portable cups so can run out of the house and have lovely tea on the go. I’ve got my eye on this glittery one with Pusheen the cat on the front. A fat cat with a unicorn horn is the only thing that could make tea better. That and biscuits.


Next, clothes. I always vow to choose what I’m going to wear the night before and never do, so I’ve decided to make sure I at least do it on a Sunday night. On a Monday, wear something you love so much you would marry it if you could. I have fallen deeply in love with this Louche shirt covered in ladies and lips, which is also loose enough to hide a pasta baby. Also this mega shift dress with hearts all over it is beyond flattering. Of course you could go all out and wear this JOY t shirt and just pretend it’s Friday.


Something I believe in strongly is a daily disco. Wherever you are, in the shower with the radio on, in the car going to a meeting, when you get home and are cooking the tea, have a disco. Sing along, dance if you want to and just lose it for a chorus or two. You will always feel better afterwards.


Lists. I am in love with making lists. I make them for everything, including the tiniest tasks. I have lists of my lists. This darling little board is wipe clean and magnetic so you can plan to your heart’s content every single week. It’s also perfectly acceptable to add something that you’ve already done to a list and cross it off immediately, by the way.


Phone charge. Why oh why does my phone never have any charge? Probably because I take it off charge to use it for something and then leave it on the side to wither and die. This cable has actually changed my life. It’s SIX FEET long. It’s as long as a person! You can walk round with it and your phone is still plugged in. Pure joy.

Another of my great passions in life, aside from cheese, is faux fur. I will wear it all year round and be boil-in-the-bag-hot because I love it so much. A little bit of faux fur or leopard print will always make you feel fabulous and that’s a fact. I love it on coats, collars, shoes and this little bag is cute as a button and goes very well with a G&T. Also while we’re in the accessories department, let’s throw in these lightning bolt earrings to remind you that you’re owning it.


Finally, in the words of Jess Glynne, don’t be hard on yourself. You’re doing brilliantly. Whatever Monday throws at you or tries to bring you down, remember you are wonderful, these days will pass and the best is yet to come. And that if all else fails, you can buy a gold pineapple.


Follow Sarah Powell on Twitter @ThisSarahPowell and hear Sarah on heat radio Sundays 2-6PM


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