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On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

If you didn't know already, today marks the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls. Written by the impossibly hilarious Tina Fey, this film taught us so much about friendships, social hierarchy, and the fail safe fashion rules that every girl should live by, as deemed by Regina George.

Rule 1: Only Regina George Can Wear Hoop Earrings

Sorry ladies, but unless you're name is Regina George, you are here by banned from rocking a hoop earring; they're her thing. Yes, that includes you Gretchen Weiners, even if your parents did buy you a really expensive pair in white gold.


Rule 2: You Should Only Wear Jeans Or Trackpants On Fridays

ANY fashion gal worth her stuff knows that style comes first above all else, including comfort. You can have one day a week off though, so on Fridays it's okay to whip out your skinnies, or a nice pastel-coloured velour tracksuit, should the mood for lounge-wear take you.


Rule 3: You Shouldn't Buy A Skirt Without Asking Your Friends First

Obviously. Your galpals need final approval on all outfits purchased, particularly anything thigh-skimming. It's the same with guys too... like... you could think you'd like someone... could be wrong.


Rule 4: Underwear Can Be Outerwear Too

Bra on show? Who even cares. Strut your stuff with confidence, girlfriend. You'll look totally FETCH.


Rule 5: You Can't Wear A Tank Top Two Days In A Row

Mix it up! You don't want to be caught wearing a tank for two days in a row. Why not try a skirt or some jeans maybe (although you might want to check out rules 2 and 3 first).


Rule 6: You Can Only Wear Your Hair In A Pony Once A Week

No Batiste-and-shove-it-up days, girls, you can only get away with that one time a week. We want to see fresh blow-drys all round.


And Of Course...On Wednesdays You Should ALWAYS Wear Pink


Only joking, we're not real life mean girls. We'd never deprive you of Batiste, hoop earrings and jeans! Although we do stand by Pink Wednesdays.

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