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A Blogger's Life: Paula Holmes from The LDN Diaries

This week we're launching our brand new Blogger Spolight programme with celebrated blogger, Paula Holmes. The face and voice behind The LDN Diaries, Paula is also a freelance writer and is currently working on her debut book, filled with her observations of life in the big city. A full time blogger and writer, Paula spends her time documenting our capital city’s best shopping destinations, eateries and things to see and do (jealous, much!?)

Here she gives us an exclusive sneak peek into her typical day.


What time do you get up?

It varies day to day; it could be anything from 6am to 11am. I try to get up early to get everything done, but sometimes a late night event might change that or a blogger activity might require me to be at a location very early!

What’s your typical breakfast?

I love to start the day with a fruit juice; I recently got a new blender so I’ve been making some different concoctions. My favourite is apple, pineapple and passion fruit, it’s delicious! I also love a bacon roll or fried egg on toast to give me some energy; I’m definitely not a morning person, so need a little help waking up.

Do you work to a strict schedule?

I’d say I work to a schedule, especially for blogging, I make a list of everything and work my way through it. I try not to be too strict with myself, it all started as a hobby and I wouldn’t want to take the fun away from it!

How do you split your time between blogging and writing your new book?

I guess I am stricter when it comes to this. I deal with emails and writing posts in the morning and try to work on the book in the afternoons and evenings. But it doesn’t always end up that way! I think when it comes to writing a book you have to be very disciplined, sometimes you just aren’t in the mood to write that chapter, but other times you could write three in one sitting!

How do you get inspiration for your blog posts?

For me, with fashion, it sort of comes from the trends and what’s ‘in’ that season, the same for newly launched beauty products. However I love coming up with new ideas and concepts; I just started a new series ‘His & Hers’ as I am looking to include some more menswear after attending the London Collections: Men in June.

Which posts do you most look forward to writing?

I really like ones where I’ve done something different and unique. Recently I went to Silverstone race course with a beauty brand, which was really fun and something I have never done before. I think real experiences are the most fun to write about, as it’s unique to you.


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How long do you spend on each post?

It completely depends on the type of post. Some can be more photo heavy, which involves taking the photos, editing them and then deciding which to use. It doesn’t sound like much but it really does eat into your time. Other posts can be a lot shorter and very quick. I try to find a good balance between the two.

It’s lunch time – do you stop to eat or just grab a quick bite?

Definitely eat! I’m the one getting hungry at midday. I also snack throughout the day as I just can’t help myself around crisps.

What time do you work until?

I try to stick to a 9-5 type routine, but I definitely work into the evening or at weekends. It’s just the nature of the job but I wouldn’t change it! When it’s your own work or project you are happy to put in the extra hours.

Do you write from home?

I do. I really like it; I don’t get distracted at all. I just put on some music and work away. I’m not sure I could work out of a coffee shop or anything like that; it’s just not me.

What do you see for the future of The LDN Diaries?

I want to spread the word and hopefully, grow my audience. I love collaborating with brands too, so one day I’d like to be able to collaborate on a LDN Diaries product; that would be amazing!

Finally, could you give our readers an exclusive snippet from the book (pretty please)? 

I wouldn't want to give much away but I can say it’s inspired by friends and my own personal dating disasters. Here is a quick quote for you, "Before she knew it he was asking her out, on nothing less than a blind date and she had said yes.”


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